45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe, Nantucket

May 12, 2023

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  • Location: 45 Surfside Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Contact: 774-333-3981
  • Website: 45surfside.com

Located on Surfside Road, 45 Surfside Bakery is the brainchild of one of the most reputable bakers in the world, Rebecca Moesinger.

Rebecca is a seasoned, award-winning cook with multiple years of making some of the best cakes in the world. From childhood, she’s always loved cooking, reading cookbooks, and trying different baking techniques. She’s made cakes for reputable personalities like TV host Cathy Lee Gifford and was recognized by the TV show Today Show.

She began her career at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston before moving to The Ritz Carlton Hotel, where she rose in ranks to become an assistant pastry chef. She opened her first bakery, Konditor Meister, in 1985 on the South Shore before moving to a more prominent location after ten years in Braintree, Ma. The bakery won Best of Boston and Best of The Knot.

With the bakery growing faster than anticipated, she became more managerial than a baker. She then started looking for a new front when visiting Nantucket in 2015. Rebecca found a listing described as two bedrooms and five baths. She was drawn by how many cars would drive by, which made her purchase the place. She has since transformed what was once a building with sizeable broken glass windows and overgrown weeds into the bubbly bakery it currently is. Locals and tourists looking for the best breakfast and lunch services consider it a must-visit spot.

One thing that stands out with 45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe is its simplicity. Compared to other places that complicate ingredients that sometimes make it hard for customers to enjoy food, 45 Surfside keeps it all simple. Everything is fresh, made from scratch by a talented baker. No bottled sauce and other unnatural ingredients; instead, it’s all fresh. The simplicity of operations at 45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe also comes with attention to detail. Every order is treated with care, and every customer’s needs matter.

The high online ratings of the restaurant are a testament to how happy clients are with its services. Most visitors swear by its delicious meals, top-quality services, and creative daily specials. Some even wish the space could offer more on their menu. Even though most visitors first got to try the place by chance, they soon turned into regulars.

45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe is at an easy-to-access location with ample parking space. It offers a perfect indoor dining room and outdoor spaces for those who want to dine at the restaurant. Alternatively, you may opt for takeaway or delivery. Whatever meal you order from the restaurant, you will not be disappointed.