Nantucket Vacation Rentals
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Imagine living a life of luxury on the water where the seafood is fresh, the town buzzes with excitement, and the boating gives you a glimpse into a simpler world. Nantucket is the pride of New England, providing celebrities and history enthusiasts alike a view into another world. With experiences from shopping to golfing, wine tasting, and museum-seeking, there are plenty of activities to see on the island, suiting a variety of interests no matter the occasion. Today is the day you find your dream rental. No matter where you want to stay on the island, there’s something for everyone.

Experience the Luxury of Nantucket Rentals

Nantucket has a special way of working its way into your heart. With all the luxury that a vacation in the heart of the island can provide, you’ll find yourself wanting to come back every year. Every day on the island allows you to explore new sights and experience the unique culture of the iconic New England lifestyle with coastal décor across the town, fresh seafood, and rich history. But first, you need Nantucket rentals that inspire just as much on a night in, as the nightlife might when out on the town. All of this and more is made possible with help from Congdon & Coleman real estate agents.

Stroll Nantucket’s Many Beaches

Nantucket is famous for its unique, dune-backed beaches, similar to Cape Cod but with more luxurious waterfronts and awe-inspiring sights. Whether you are looking for a casual stroll along the Atlantic or the perfect sunset location beyond a hike that you won’t soon forget, there are plenty of sights to see. Depending on where you are on the island, you can see the great expanse of ocean perfect for surfing and maritime activities off of Sconset Beach, get a tropical view with a cozy bar and restaurant at Jetties Beach, or get an unbelievable view of the sunset from Madaket Beach.

Discover Local Events

No matter where you are in Nantucket, there is always something to see or do. During the summer, events are popular all across the island. From wine and food festivals to family entertainment and cultural events, there is always something to choose from.

Relax Your Way into Summer

There is no place quite like Nantucket, which makes it the perfect getaway for individuals, couples, and families – and it all starts with the perfect rental. Enjoy delicious drinks on the beachside and a seafood-rich experience in town, all in the same day, relaxing your way into summer and enjoying everything the island has to offer.

Explore Daily Activities

From whaling museums to golfing, shopping, hiking, and everything in-between, Nantucket is an island that is rich with activities. In town, the cobblestone streets are lined with spectacular lights, top-quality restaurants, and historic sights. Popular attractions include the Whaling Museum, Brant Point Lighthouse, and Great Point Lighthouse, each serving as iconic sights from New England’s history and settlement.

How to Find the Perfect Rental

Finding the perfect rental doesn’t have to be difficult. With Congdon & Coleman, you can experience all aspects of living the ideal New England lifestyle, right on the island that landed Massachusetts in the history books. With 105 square miles of activities and real estate, there are plenty of hidden gems in Nantucket’s neighborhoods with affordable weekly rates and luxurious floor plans. To find the right rental, you should first consider what neighborhood is closest to what you want to explore on the island. Next, you should decide what you need in a property. Is 4 bedrooms plenty, or do you need 5? Do you need a pool for your vacation to feel truly luxurious? The answers will help you narrow your search down.

From Vacations to Holidays and Family Gatherings

Nantucket has rental properties that are perfect for any occasion from holidays to romantic getaways and homey family gatherings. Looking for a place that is luxurious, but practical, for your latest family vacation? There are plenty of cottage homes across the island that provide a homey and down-to-earth feel without sacrificing quality. Need something a little larger and more luxurious? The island is ripe with rental properties waiting to be booked. From sun-lit interiors to extensive gardens and luxurious amenities, these rentals will leave you feeling like royalty at the end of every night.

Can I rent houses in Nantucket?

Yes, you can rent houses in Nantucket, and the process is easier than you might think. Nantucket is home to a thriving real estate market where quality and luxury are non-negotiable. Don’t want to spend all the time searching for the perfect property? Our real estate brokers can help you find your dream rental without the hassle. No more spending hours searching through listings just to have it booked by the time you can negotiate with the owner. All of our listings are available for rental requests right on our website.

How many vacation rentals are available around Nantucket, MA?

There are hundreds of vacation rentals available in Nantucket, MA, though the exact number of availabilities fluctuates depending on the season you book and popular events occurring that year. At Congdon & Coleman, we provide the most up-to-date listings for the current vacation year with complete feature lists, updated rental photos, prices, and owner specifications. With our online directory, you can browse listings at the click of a button, sorted by neighborhood, feature, date ranges, and other specifications. With something available for everyone, you are certain to find something that piques your interest and has you dreaming about your next vacation on the water.

Can I find a vacation rental with Pool in Nantucket?

No vacation day is complete without a nice soak in the pool at the end of a long day in town. Many Nantucket rentals have pools on the property, both above-ground and in-ground to accommodate your needs. We keep a database of features that are listed on each available property, helping you find what you are looking for. To find a rental with a pool, all you have to do is select from the Property Features dropdown and select “Pool.” Available listings will show up with the rental’s address, neighborhood, price, and specifications.

Nantucket Rentals by Congdon & Coleman

You deserve an easy rental experience with an agent who cares about what you are looking for. With Congdon & Coleman, finding Nantucket rentals has never been easier. With twelve professional real estate brokers on staff specializing in finding the island’s best properties, we are ready to help you find the right property for you, for any occasion. Explore neighborhoods, find your perfect match, and let’s find your dream home together. Your dream vacation starts here. Give one of our professional brokers a call today or explore listings here on our website.