A Day in Sconset: An Awesome Local Guide to Having the Best Day Ever!

April 26, 2023

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A mistake many people make when visiting Nantucket is limiting their stay and tours within the town center. While the town center has plenty to offer, it won’t be enough to satisfy your spirit of adventure.

Sconset is among the exciting places to visit during your Nantucket tour. It will give you a different outlook on the island that you will love.

How is life in Sconset? You may be curious about how your time will be in this Nantucket neighborhood. Let us look at what to do when in Sconset.

An Introduction to Sconset and How to Get There

Sconset, also known as Siasconset, is situated at the island’s eastern end, 7.6 miles from the town center. It has a rich history dating back to the 17th century when it was a fishing village. Some of the older fishing shacks have been around since the 1670s.

Sconset has diverse architecture, featuring 19th-century-style cottages and modern houses. Most homes have awe-inspiring gardens that complement the ocean view, giving the neighborhood its liveliness.

You can reach Sconset by bus, taxi, private car, or bike from Nantucket. The WAVE bus services the Nantucket-Sconset route. You pay around $3 for the 15-minute journey. Taxis are pricier, and you may pay up to $60, depending on the hailing firm.

If you are adventurous, you may fancy a bike ride via the Sconset bike path. You will enjoy the cool breeze and amazing views on your trip.

Spending Your Day in Sconset

Once settled in this Nantucket neighborhood, you can start exploring its niceties. We look at the activities to do from morning to evening.


The beautiful rising sun and a cool oceanic breeze characterize Nantucket mornings. You may break your day in the following ways.

A Jog or Walk

Nantucket Sconset Bluff Walk

A morning jog or stroll are excellent ways to begin your day in Sconset. Wear comfy clothes and take on the famous Sconset Bluff Walk, a 2-mile hiking path. You will encounter incredible sites on the trail, like unique houses, the scenic ocean, and the vast landscape.

Early morning walks and jogs are fulfilling if you have company. You can bring along your friends or family for a perfect bonding time as you psychologically prepare for the fun day ahead. However, if you love solo walks, you will have the time of your life as you explore the calm and welcoming neighborhood.

Early Morning Photography

The Sankaty Head Lighthouse

As an avid photographer, the early morning sun and vast sea are must-capture scenes. Pick your camera and get a comfortable spot to practice your shots until you get the perfect snap. The Sankaty lighthouse is one of the leading Instagrammable spots in Nantucket that you should snap to expand your portfolio.

Breakfast in Sconset

There are several eateries in Siasconset that you can check into for breakfast. The joints have diverse menus, with entries like pancakes, pastries, sandwiches, and more.


As mentioned earlier, Sconset started as a fishing village. You should engage in this calming pastime activity in this part of Nantucket. The best time to fish is between 7 am and 10 am. You may go solo but must abide by Nantucket’s fishing and hunting laws.

Alternatively, you can bank on the services of fishing charters. The charters will guide you on the laws, the best spots, and how to improve your chances of a successful catch.

The island is home to false albacore, bluefish, stripers, and bonito. These species often migrate to the shores to feed on squid and eel.

Late Morning to Afternoon

Sconset becomes less sleepy as the afternoon approaches. Let us look at the activities to participate in when the sun shines directly on the island.

Visit the Beach

Sconset Beach

Plenty of action takes place on Sconset beach. You can bask at the beach or dip in the cool waters. The traffic varies depending on the time of the year. The beach has several visitors during the peak season but fewer than other popular beaches in Nantucket.

Sconset beach lacks steep inclines, making it suitable for the elderly. The beach has a parking spot, though it is not designated. On the parking lot’s edge is a bench where you chill as you view the ocean. You find restrooms and eateries a short distance from the beach.

Lifeguards are active for only a few hours, so you should be careful when on the beach, especially if you have children.

You may also go for late afternoon fishing to try your luck.


Spending a considerable part of your day at the beach can trigger hunger pangs. You can have lunch in several eateries in the vicinity, including the food trucks around the coast. For a sumptuous midday meal, you should visit The Chanticleer.

A calm ambiance and exquisite décor greet you as you enter The Chanticleer’s doors. Lunch menu items include grilled hearts of romaine, Fattoush salad of beets, and Le Puy green lentil salad for starters.

For the main course, you may fancy duck confit, Maine lobster BLT, and roasted lemon rosemary chicken.



Sconset is Nantucket’s golfing hub, with two major golf courses; Siasconset Golf Course and Sankaty Head Golf Club, the latter being a private establishment. You should visit either of the facilities if you are into golfing to test your skills.

Sconset Nightlife

Sconset is primarily residential, so the nightlife is less vibrant than in the town center. Nonetheless, there is a handful of establishments, a good example being The Summer House, where you can pass by to wind up your day. You should confirm its opening hours, as it may be closed during certain months.

Final Remark

Nantucket is very diverse, a statement you will agree with once you visit Sconset. Don’t let its peaceful nature mislead you, as you can have plenty of fun when touring it. The beach, a stunning lighthouse, fine eateries, and friendly people are some of Sconset’s elements that will prompt a return visit.