A Taste of Nantucket: Exceptional Catering and Event Planning Services

May 20, 2023

Nantucket is known for its outstanding cuisine and hospitality. This is what Kimberly Reed and her team have strived to offer their customers since the inception of A Taste of Nantucket over two decades ago.

The company is fondly named to reflect its attachment to the island. It is an all-inclusive catering and event planning business, serving as little as two to as many as a thousand guests in its repertoire.

Events and parties live long in the memory of clients and guests, and it is essential to have the planning and execution of each delivered to near perfection.

In this regard, Kimberly is recognized as one of the most accomplished planners in Nantucket, with a knack for creativity and exceptional organizational skills. Many clients have testimonials of how her detailed input has turned their nerve-wracking event planning into an enjoyable process.

Kimberly’s team works out event budgets and is on hand to give clients quotations through their preferred communication channels, such as phone and email.

A Taste of Nantucket’s catering wing has a comprehensive menu on its website. The menu features the most popular food items typically requested in events, but the caterer also tailors menus to suit specific client requests.

The menu includes appetizers, small dishes, clambakes, assorted vegetables, meat, seafood, snacks, dairy, starch, cereals, grains, oils, soups, and sauces.

A Taste of Nantucket has mastered the concept of beauty across its range of services. From amazing décor, delicate meal presentations, high-quality photography, and everything in between, the company does a commendable job.

A Taste of Nantucket is also one of the chosen caterers for airplane customers traveling to and from the island via the Nantucket Memorial Airport. The caterer fulfills customer requests in-house to ensure on-time delivery, given this category of customers is typically time-bound.

Clients can pay for services through various convenient options, such as credit cards.