ACK Dental Art, Nantucket

July 03, 2023

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  • Location: 2 Mary Ann Dr, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Contact: 508-825-2020
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It features well-trained professionals offering contemporary and superb dental treatment services. The medical facility strives to make its clients happy by installing beautiful smiles on their faces.

Dr. Luciana Pavie is the founder of the dental clinic on Nantucket. She calls herself a “double dentist” since she owns two dentistry degrees from different countries: one from Brazil, where she also established a dental facility, and a dental degree in dental medicine from New York University.

Beyond dentistry, Dr. Pavie boasts of skills like; endodontics and orthodontics, which help her handle other dental challenges. Endodontics is a specialty dealing with tooth tissue, while orthodontics is used to straighten misaligned teeth.

Many dental patients on Nantucket have had the challenge of getting treatment on the island, thus opting to travel and seek it elsewhere. ACK Dental Art aims to avoid such challenges by providing full service in their office.

Consider visiting the clinic for general dentistry services such as teeth cleaning, resolving gum problems, fillings, and oral surgery. Cosmetic dentistry services are also available, where professionals work to improve your teeth’s appearance.

ACK Dental Art evolves with society, ensuring that technology and all the materials needed are updated. Patients and any other person involved in the office’s activities are not taken for granted since they play a vital role in helping the facility achieve its mission.

The clinic strives to provide an environment of trust and concern for its patients. Professionals are committed to excellence in their services to help attain quality dental health across the island. Moreover, it is a multi-lingual clinic where communication can be made in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.