B-ACK Yard BBQ, Nantucket

May 06, 2023

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B-ACK Yard BBQ (BYB)  is a trendy casual dining spot in Nantucket. Dubbed “the place where we only smoke the good stuff,” customers have thronged the barbecue joint for over a decade.

The delicious barbecue dishes on the menu are a worthy alternative to the seafood common in coastal and island towns, Nantucket being no exception. However, if you still want to enjoy seafood made by some of the best barbecue chefs in Nantucket, you’ll be pleased to note BYB has you sorted.

The seared delicacies on B-ACK Yard’s menu include smokehouse wings, lobster mac & cheese, spiced lamb pops, spiced shrimp cocktail, sweet and spicy pork lollipops, and Korean barbecued duck wings.

Soups and salads include chorizo chili, clam chowder, vegetable and field greens salad, and Caesar salad with multiple choices of dressings.

BYB also has a variety of sandwiches on its menu, including smoked Kielbasa, blackened salmon, and Nashville Hot chicken sandwiches.

Sides offered include street corn salad, potato salad, fries, mac & cheese, pickled vegetables, stewed greens, coleslaw, and grilled asparagus.

BYB’s combo menu is a convenient option for a group or family. They have the selfie, the feedback, the trough, and the whole pit options with meat and side choices enough for groups of one to seven people.

Beverages complete the menu in barbecue meals. BYB’s bar stocks various wines, cocktails, whiskeys, and beers. This rich menu of drinks includes red and white wines, fruity and spirit cocktails, ryes, bourbons, Japanese and scotch whiskeys, seltzers and cider beers.

The rich menu is only half the story at B-ACK Yard BBQ. Its customer service is just as good as its menu. No matter how packed the restaurant is, you won’t wait long to be served. Their staff is on hand to take your order and fulfill it quickly. You would be forgiven to think that they have smiles permanently etched on their faces by how friendly they are throughout your interaction. It’s also common for the manager to check in on customers and chat with them, adding to the warmth of the service.

In addition to the in-house service, BYB offers online delivery and gift cards for customers that you can access through their official website.