Barnaby’s Toy and Art Shack

April 22, 2023

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Nantucket has plenty of chill spots for your young ones, including Barnaby’s Toy and Art Shack. It is a new business whose popularity is growing immensely courtesy of its excellent services. You should pass by this store to get goodies for your child or enroll them in art classes.

Barnaby’s Toy and Art Shack is the brainchild of Wendy Rouillard, an author of children’s books, notably the Barnaby Bear series. She has been an island resident for over 25 years, with her works being featured in several publications. Among her long-life passions is creating pleasant memories for children and helping them discover their artistic side. Barnaby’s Toy and Art Shack helps her achieve that.

You can get toys for your kids from the store section. While the premise is small, it has plenty of toys your child will love. Besides the toys, you can also get art kits, Barnaby Bear books, pajamas, backpacks, and tops. You can also shop via their online store for convenience and to keep up with amazing deals.

Barnaby’s Toy and Art Shack will be holding art classes this summer, catering to kids of all ages. It is an excellent way for kids to spend their free time, especially if they are into art. The classes are under the guidance of professional artists and teachers.

Activities include building fairy and tree houses, sculpting, painting, beading, string art, and many more.

You should check out the summer class schedule and enroll your kid for fun as they make friends and discover their talent.