Bartlett Farm, Nantucket: Fresh Farm Produce

June 19, 2023

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Close to the Nantucket south shore beaches lies a historic property called Bartlett’s Farm. It is a family-run farm that has operated since 1827, providing a wide selection of fresh agricultural products and flowers.

Bartlett’s Farm has always aimed to provide exceptional fresh farm produce, most commonly tomatoes and corn. Updated and safe methods of agriculture are used to grow organic products in a conducive Nantucket environment.

The Farm has 100 acres of open fields dedicated to farming. It features 18 greenhouses used to grow greens, herbs, and tomatoes.

You can buy the Farm’s produce from their fully serviced grocery store. They stock everything you need for your pantry, including olive oils, organic snacks, specialty pasta, ciders, and organic wines, to mention a few. Moreover, a deli section stocks artisanal cheeses, dairy, and quality meats.

A kitchen on the farm prepares sumptuous dishes you can take to the beach. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, the full-service kitchen serves fresh, delicious foods that will tantalize your taste buds. If you would rather have your food at the Farm, there are lush grounds with sufficient space for a picnic and kids to play around.

The Farm strives to create an amazing customer experience for its customers. Customers can freely share their experiences, thereby creating a superb relationship.

Bartlett’s Farm uses a farm truck to supply its products on the island. The truck has established itself as a fixture at neighborhood events and festivals and is frequently seen moving across the island, hauling fresh flowers and fruits. The Bartlett’s Farm Truck operates from mid-June to Labor Day.

Consider stopping by Bartlett’s Farm or its truck whenever you are on the island to take advantage of their wonderful services and nutritious goods.