The 10 Best Restaurants in Nantucket

March 27, 2023

A Nantucket tour is not complete without diving into its food. This island’s cuisine is diverse, combining menus from different parts of the world. Because the area is surrounded by the sea means, seafood is dominant.

You can check into several places when in Nantucket to take your palate on an adventure. We will look at the best restaurants on this island and what makes them stand out.

1. The Chanticleer

Location: 9 New Street, Siasconset

The Chanticleer is one of the finest restaurants in Nantucket that specializes in New England’s diverse cuisine. The establishment started as a tea house at the dawn of the century. Over the years, it has grown immensely to become the choice eatery for many people visiting Nantucket.

The restaurant has an exotic appearance, from its exterior design to the interior décor. Walking through its doors is like entering a whole new dimension.

Chioggia beet salad in a raspberry-port dressing is perfect for a light lunch. You may also take your palate on an adventure with the Hawaiian-style lemon-garlic roast chicken salad on toast.

As an appetizer for dinner, try the yellowfin tuna or Nantucket oysters on half the shell. The main course has options like Murray’s chicken breast scallopini, Norwegian salmon, or New Zealand lamb Bolognese.

2. The Nautilus

Location: 12 Cambridge Street

Described as a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant, it is hard to overlook The Nautilus. It is classy and run by a trio of culinary entrepreneurs who ensure every meal is memorable. You will love The Nautilus’ calmness and its predominantly seafood menu.

3. The Beet

Location: 9 S Water Steet

Diversity is the befitting adjective for The Beet. Its menu is diverse, borrowing from several cuisines, notably Nantucket, Asian, and Latin. If you love fusion cuisine with a spicy twist, this is the place to be.

This establishment serves lunch and dinner: you can dine in or take out. You may order online if you don’t want to cook from your Nantucket rental.

As a first-timer at The Beet, it is advisable to start with the small plates and sides to get a hint of what to expect from the food. You may have roasted beets, the holy moly cauliflower, or the miso Brussels sprouts.

The branzino amandine and beef tenderloin are some of the popular entries. Felino’s fried rice is a good example of The Beets’ culinary distinctiveness.

4. Lola 41

Location: 15 S Beach Street

Lola 41 is the place to be if you are craving sushi. This restaurant has a laid-back ambiance suitable for a night out with friends. The sushi menu comprises starters like tuna tataki, hot pepper Hamachi, and the wakame and sunomono salad.

After the appetizers, you can go for the real deal. The traditional rolls menu has salmon, tuna, king crab, cucumber, and avocado maki. The classic rolls section consists of shrimp tempura, Honshu, spicy salmon or tuna, and California. You can chase your meal with a glass of wine or sake.

5. Foggy Nantucket

Location: 147 Orange Street

The aroma of fresh-baked pizza welcomes you to Foggy Nantucket. Besides pizza, you can try various salads, smoked or barbecued meat, meatballs, mac-n-cheese, and sandwiches. You can order food with delivery or takeaway.

6. Via Mare

Location: 17 Broad Street

It is hard for a restaurant to be simple and classy simultaneously, something that Via Mare effortlessly nails. This eatery specializes in Venetian-style small plates, with a menu comprising radish and turnip crudite, Maine mussels, soft-shell crab, and grilled beans. The meals come with a preferred side.

You may also fancy cocktails like the Easy Lover, Pineapple Under the Tea, and A-Man-Da on the Moon.

7. SeaGrille

Location: 45 Sparks Avenue

SeaGrille is the best place to be if you love seafood. The eatery has been around for more than 30 years and continues to entice locals and tourists with its fantastic service. The interior is classy and an excellent place for a date.

SeaGrille opens for dinner every night at 5 p.m. Menu favorites include grilled wester ross salmon, house-made lobster tortellini, sword frites, and fresh cavatelli. You may also pass by the raw bar to sample Nantucket oysters, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and the seafood tower.

8. Queequeg’s

Location: 6 Oak Street

It is easy to miss the Queequeg due to its unassuming presence from the outside. You realize it is a hidden gem when you enter its doors. Its calm ambiance is its primary selling appeal. The experience gets better when the food hits the table.

For appetizers, you pick from kale Caesar salad, mussels, steamed pork buns, and tuna tartare. Entries include Bolognese, shrimp scampi, duck breast, chicken curry, and steak frites. Alternatively, you may try out the different types of sushi, like town roll, spicy tuna roll, and Hamachi dragon.

9. Brotherhood of Thieves

Location: 23 Broad Street

The Brotherhood of Thieves, located in downtown Nantucket, prides itself on being a whaling bar with a nautical theme. It has four concepts:

  • The historic 1840s whaling bar
  • A surfer’s bar
  • A top-notch whiskey section
  • A beer garden

It is the place to be after a long day at work, and you want a moment of relaxation with friends over drinks and snacks.

10. The Juice Bar

Location: 12 Broad Street

Are you in need of a quick refreshment and some snacks? If yes, you should pass by The Juice Bar. This restaurant is famous for its ice cream, juices, and pastries. The menu consists of almost 40 different ice cream flavors, such as Crantucket, cookie dough, triple chocolate mountain, and many more.

It is a child-friendly establishment where you can bring your young ones on a hot afternoon for an excellent bonding session.

Final Word

Highlighted are some of the best restaurants in Nantucket that you should visit for a culinary adventure. They are world-class outlets with selling attributes like delicious food, exemplary customer service, and a photographable design.

Most offer online deliveries, while some don’t. Check out their websites to see how they operate and whether they are open for business, as a number of them become more active towards summer.