Boat House/Barcos y Tacos, Nantucket

May 08, 2023

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The Boat House is a branch of Stubby’s & Walter’s Deli. The fresh food dine-in & take-out restaurant prepares fast food and ethnic recipes that include Mexican and Jamaican dishes.

The eatery is in mid-island Nantucket, easily accessible via vehicles, buses and bikes, with spacious parking and bike racks. The convenient location and swift service suit customers on tight schedules, especially commuters traveling via bus.

The restaurant is housed in a classic building with a ramp that provides easy access for disabled and wheelchair customers. Its interior is spacious and features a high ceiling. Extra picnic tables are set outside for customers wishing to enjoy their meals in an open setting.

Boat House’s counter distinguishes it from the average restaurant setting; it features a buffet with dozens of dishes. Having the entire menu on display allows customers to explore their options and satisfy their taste buds in what Boat House calls “Build your own bowl.” Chefs serve customers different food items in bowls, whereby the servings can only be described as generous for the price.

Boat House’s recipes contain all-natural ingredients. Most of its recipes are designed in-house but feature recipes from Stubby’s and Walter’s Deli menus, such as the Glenton jerk chicken.

Jamaican specials at Boat House are prepared by Chef Shortman. The menu comprises jerk pork, curried, brown stewed, jerk and fried chicken, oxtail, jerk pork, curried mutton, brown stewed red snapper, and red snapper escovitch. Prices range from $16–$23.

Chef Shortman’s soups cost $10.95, comprising fish tea soup, red pea soup with chicken, and beef chili options.

Boat House originals, mainly two tacos and 12’ burritos, cost $11.95 for the small bowl and $13.95 for the large bowl.

For between $13.95 and $16.95, you can enjoy other original dishes on the originals menu, such as Mr. Gordon’s, Carlito’s Way, Shrimpy, Barcos Falafel, Boat House Fried Chicken, Ninto’s Fish tacos, El Americano, and veggie recipes.

At Boat House, you can have your filling of proteins from jerk chicken, Spanish chicken, falafel, bacon, chili shrimp, beef chili, ground beef, pork carnitas, codfish, and fried chicken.

The burger menu includes dozens of options, from heavy cheeseburgers, meat burgers, and hot dogs, to light French fries, falafel, waffle cut fries, chicken fingers, and wings.

The unique “Build your own menu” option allows customers to combine proteins with a range of vegetable pile-on ingredients and dairy, salsa and salad dressings. A bowl in this category costs between $13.95 and $18.95.

The detailed Boat House menu is available on the eatery’s website. The restaurant allows customers to order delivery via phone or the Toast Take Out app and fulfills orders via ACK Eats. On the Boat House website, customers also have the option to include gift cards in case they want to surprise someone.