Brant Point Beach, Nantucket

March 22, 2023

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Getting to Brant Point Beach from town requires little effort and may be done on foot or by bicycle. Although it is officially a swimming beach, there is no lifeguard on duty during the swimming season, the current is strong, and there is a lot of boat traffic.

Brant Point is far better suited to observe the port traffic. A breathtaking stretch of shoreline, home to the Brant Point Lighthouse, which holds the record for the second oldest lighthouse still in operation in the United States. Here’s where you may say farewell to friends and relatives leaving on the Steamship.

Regarding wedding photography, Brant Point is among the most popular spots on the island. With the harbor, the Cape, and the lighthouse as your background, it’s no wonder this location is so popular for weddings (just be sure you receive permission from the Coast Guard)!

You may also go to family-friendly Jetties Beach, which has calm waves, water rentals, and the Sandbar, a bar and restaurant that sells seafood and iced beverages and has live music in season. There are several beach access spots between Brant Point and Jetties that are rarely crowded, providing a pleasant and private beach day.