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Where to Find the Best Breakfast on Nantucket
February 23, 2023
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Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should always take the time to consider it seriously as an essential part of your vacation plans.

A hearty breakfast gives you the energy you will need to spend the day at the beach, doing water sports, sightseeing, or otherwise enjoying your star at Nantucket. Hopefully, it will also be a great culinary experience, especially if you pick the right places to eat breakfast or brunch on the island.

Keep reading to find out more about where to eat the best breakfast on Nantucket.

Traditional Breakfast Offerings

If you prefer a traditional first-course breakfast but want to elevate the experience to more than just a portion of bacon and eggs, you can rest assured. There are many restaurants and bakeshops where you can enjoy such a nutritious and mouthwatering breakfast.

Island Kitchen Breakfast has traditional breakfast offerings and breakfast sandwiches. If you get up early enough, you can get one of the famous Morning buns at theWicked Island Bakery.

Suppose you prefer to enjoy a boozy breakfast while on vacation at Nantucket. In that case, we recommend the Brant Point Grill at the White Elephant on the harbor itself, where you can indulge in the specialty – Lobster Bloody Mary during brunch.

Brant Point Grill Nantucket

Pastries and Donuts

Some of the best donuts on Nantucket can be found at Downyflake. If you are looking for awesome cranberry granola, stop by Nantucket Bake Shop, which is located nearby.

Before going to a hearty brunch at Via Mare, you can enjoy a rich Vietnamese coffee with a mini muffin or a Classic Corner Chia Parfait DF across the street at the Corner Table. Or you can hop over to Born & Bread Nantucket for a Cheddar Grilled Cheese on a sourdough sandwich.

Coffee and Tea

If you prefer starting the day with a much-needed cup of coffee, you can spend some time at the trendy Handlebar café on 15 Washington St.

If you are arriving or leaving with the ferry, you can enjoy a coffee for hello or goodbye at the Island Coffee Roasters nearby.

For a creative and fortified coffee, try the Roasted General Store near the Stop & Shop.

The Bean is yet another café and coffee shop where you can grab some coffee and wraps or sandwiches for your day of sightseeing in Nantucket.

At Lemon Press, you can get a coffee, a healthy tea, a smoothie, or breakfast. Included are gluten-free and vegan options, superfoods, and herbal beverages.

Lemon Press Nantucket

Breakfast Spots in Sconset

If you are looking for places to eat breakfast in Sconset, try some of the best sandwiches in Nantucket at Claudette’s. You can eat sandwiches on English muffins or on plain or everything bagels. You can customize your sandwich with various additions at no extra cost.

You can also go to Sconset Market’s bakery and coffee shop for some hot coffee and homemade cake or muffins.

Another good idea is to get up earlier and go to Provisions for some homemade bagels or made-to-order breakfast sandwiches that are hard to withstand.