Breezin’ Up Nantucket: Fabulous Clothing Inspired By the Beach

May 24, 2023

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Typical of islands, Nantucket boasts plenty of beaches. Thus, when visiting the island, you will likely spend most of your time on its waters or beaches. You will need a variety of clothes to get in tune with this environment. On this, Breezin’ Up has you covered. It is a clothing and accessories store that stocks trendy, comfortable, and durable clothing inspired by the beach. There are many options; one can usually find something worthwhile at the shop.

Breezin’ Up opened its doors in 1984 at Bay Village in Beach Haven, NJ. It was a small shop that created comfortable and stylish beach wear. To stand out among businesses that were making the same kind of clothes, Breezin’ Up adopted creative, weathered, beach-inspired decor with handmade touches.

Everything was done in-house, from designing, dyeing, printing, and sewing clothes. The end product was unique clothes with a faded look that made them seem like they had been in the sun for quite some time. The clothing celebrates life at the beach and shares a similar goal with the famous Nantucket Reds; they are excellent souvenirs for visitors who want to fondly hold on to their memories of the beautiful island.

With time the shop grew and began outsourcing the making of clothes to small factories in America. To date, Breezin’ Up creates fabulous beachwear. They now have printing facilities and warehouses in Pennsylvania and operate in over 10 locations. They are in Nantucket, Jersey Shore, the Hamptons, and Florida.

Other than clothing, Breezin’ Up features a wide variety of unique home goods.