Brotherhood Of Thieves, Nantucket

March 27, 2023

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The Brotherhood of Thieves refers to a pamphlet by Stephen S. Foster published on Nantucket in 1844, in which Foster harshly criticized those who continued to defend slavery despite the rising tide of abolitionist sentiment.

This island has always been a safe haven for people of all backgrounds and points of view. During the Revolutionary War, Tories, Patriots, and Quaker pacifists coexisted here and unsuccessfully appealed for neutrality.

A unique spirit developed in Nantucket’s host environment, dedicated to cultivating uncompromising independence, the strength of character, and the cultivation of a powerful distillation of the early American intellect. One example is Benjamin Franklin, the son of Nantucketer Abiah Folger. That mindset paved the way for Maria Mitchell, an American astronomer and pioneer for women in science, and Lucretia Mott, the first head of the American Equal Rights Association, to advance women’s rights.

Here on modern-day Nantucket, the values of robust independence, personal liberty, and the encouragement of eccentricity are not only present but thrive, especially at the Brotherhood of Thieves!

In 2021, the Brotherhood and the complete property were granted fresh life. The Brotherhood was recreated to be the finest it ever was, ending up with four complete concepts:

  • Thieves’ Brotherhood: Their iconic 1840’s Whaling Pub and Tavern
  • Notch Whiskey Bar is a premium whiskey bar that features Notch, the world’s top-ranked small-batch single malt distilled on Nantucket.
  • Cisco Kitchen & Bar: A surfer’s pub with seaside cuisine—sushi, nachos, burgers, and more. Live music every night.
  • Beer Garden: Enjoy your meal on the patio in this beer garden with a “Cisco atmosphere.” In addition to sushi, they serve food in the manner of a bar. Great hidden bar.