Camp Richard: Amazing Camping Site in Nantucket

May 02, 2023

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Camping is a necessity for scout troops. It helps them get in tune with nature and apply their creativity and skills. In Nantucket, among the best and only places to go camping is Camp Richard. It is a camping ground that is only accessible by scout troops, nationally chartered cub scout packs, and venture crews with annual programs.

Though the campsite’s management does not provide programs or events to facilitate camping, it provides all the essential facilities for outdoor recreation. There are several tenting sites for accommodation. Each has a campfire ring for cooking, a flag pole, and running water. There is also a comfy Adirondack shelter site with four shelters, each accommodating eight scouts.

Shared facilities include a shower house and lodge, chapel, trading post, a pavilion with picnic tables, a fire ring, a horseshoe pit, and a refrigerator building.

The site boasts about 100 acres of land solely dedicated to camping. This provides sufficient space for a wide variety of activities, such as athletic games, volleyball, soccer, and basketball, to mention a few. There are also great woods to explore.

The camping grounds are always clean, in great shape, and easy to maneuver. Its organization allows it to accommodate several groups at a time.

You can access Camp Richard either by bicycle or car. If you do not have a private car, you may rent one or utilize the cabs and Ubers around the area. You can get a bike from the bike rental shops on the island.

Biking is the most recommended form of transport to and within the campsite. Numerous bike paths enable you to move faster and seamlessly within the camp. Nevertheless, you will still need a car to transport your gear to and from the camp. It will also come in handy in case you need to run errands away from the camp. Unlike most other leisure spots in Nantucket, there is always sufficient parking on the camping grounds – regardless of the season.

To make a reservation on the campsite or learn more about it, visit Camp Richard’s website.