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Children’s Beach Nantucket
September 21, 2022
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The name Children’s Beach has no enigmatic or secret meaning to it. It’s just a peaceful Nantucket Sound beach with minimal waves, making it ideal for families with little children.

This spectacular beach is found at the end of Harbor View Way, just in the heart of Nantucket town. Your toddlers will have the chance to enjoy the calm seas, picnic area, park activities, and food vendors.

There are benches and a grassy yard to rest as you watch the kids have the time of their life. However, it is advisable to arrive earlier since parking is restricted.

Children’s beach may lack the luxury of most of Nantucket’s other beachfronts, but it fits many of a family’s outdoor interests.

During the summertime, lifeguards are on patrol from mid-June to August due to many visitors. In addition, Summer Music Concerts are held at 6 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays.

Marjory Trott, a fitness professional, offers the celebrated kids’ movement classes in the summer underneath the bandstand. In parallel, she provides yoga courses.

The Cherry Blossom shrubs are a wonderful sight in the springtime. The Turkey Plunge, a fundraising drive for the Atheneum, brings the entire island together during Thanksgiving.

Most parents choose to bring their kids here since it’s near the Nantucket capital and provides a stunning view of the harbor and lighthouse. Take some memorable pictures with your children facing the lighthouse!

The kids can also enjoy the famous Nantucket beach chairs sport sponsored by the Cape Cod Beach Chair Company. If you get hungry, there are many restaurants to choose from around Broad street.

The Children’s Beach is a lovely spot to pick some takeout and have a family outing. For more information regarding additional activities on the beach, visit the Nantucket Park & Recreation Commission page.