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Cisco Brewers Nantucket
October 19, 2022
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It is hard to say no to a good time with friends and a few craft beers. This is precisely the offer Cisco Brewers in Nantucket offers you. It prides itself on being Nantucket’s first and only brewery specializing in craft beer.

Cisco Brewers came to be in 1995 near Cisco Beach, a conception by zealous natives of the island. Currently, it has a cult-like following of customers who frequent its outdoor brewery. The establishment banks on the philosophy of being laid back and having a lovely time. The open-air beer garden has establishments in other New England states.

The Nantucket location is always busy with live music playing and people interacting over beer mugs. Food trucks dot the garden, such as Millies, 167 Raw, Big Hug Dumplings and Lobster Trap Truck. You can have a quick snack from these food trucks before going back to enjoy your beer.

Check Cisco’s website and social media pages to see when the next live event is. Meanwhile, you can pass by the brewery and have a serving of a cold beer to wind up your day.