Cliffside Beach Club, Nantucket

March 22, 2023

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Please close your eyes. Imagine the soothing sounds of crashing waves, the cool air of the ocean, and the sensation of warm sand between your toes. Cliffside Beach Club offers the pinnacle of leisurely pursuits. This one-of-a-kind resort is a cross between a boutique hotel and a private beach club, and it provides services and facilities not available at other hotels of its kind.

The hotel is conveniently located on the beach, about a mile from downtown Nantucket. Guests may walk downtown to the nearby shops, restaurants, and charming cobblestone streets, yet they’re still far enough away to appreciate the tranquility of their beachfront accommodations.

The hotel has a wonderful pool area with a lap pool, hot pool, and leisure pool that will make you feel like you’re in a spa. There are no set morning routines, so guests may do anything they choose when they get up. The visitors have complete control over how they begin their day. Perhaps the best way to wake up is with a morning workout at Nantucket’s finest gym or by gently waking up under the sheltered pool area before walking out to the beach for the afternoon.

Most of the hotel’s 27 guest rooms were just redone, and they now have stylish beach-themed decor and high-end bathroom amenities.

Sit at the private bar overlooking the beach and sip a drink while watching the sun sink into the water, or head back to your own deck and do the same.

This boutique hotel boasts a peaceful, isolated location. Many of their visitors, understandably, find it difficult to leave the hotel.