Coe and Co Photography Gallery

May 25, 2023

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Coe & Co Photography is a collaborative space between the talented photographer Nathan Coe and Cavalier Ebanks Galleries. The unit brings together some of the finest skills from Nantucket and Palm Beach for unparalleled visual output. Its location is an infusion of unrivaled creative energy, with a gallery downstairs and a working studio upstairs.

The gallery is home to some of the world’s finest artists like Steve McCurry, Harry Benson, David Burdeny, Chris Levine, and many more. It’s an open space where artists express their creativity through various lenses. It also lets artists showcase their work at regular, well-attended art fairs and exhibitions.

They have held over 14 exhibitions, ten solo shows, 4 group shows, and three art fairs featuring 22 artists. The events display every aspect of life around the Island, including the beach, landscape, sports, interior design, fashion, music, etc. All these come together to form a visual paradise within the gallery.

Coe & Co Photography employs some of the latest technology to produce excellent content. Some of the most popular technology in the space include; Cloudflare CDN, Google Global Site Tag, DigiCert, and AWS Web.

It is currently ranked top 10,000 global photo galleries, with most of its artists also highly rated globally. The gallery’s massive success at Nantucket has led to the opening of a second location in Palm Beach.