Cohen and Jardine, LLC

June 29, 2023

  • Location: 206 South Ave, Fanwood, NJ 07023, US
  • Contact: 908-322-3201
  • Website:

It is a firm that provides accounting, tax, and financial consulting services. You can approach them for help with wealth management, will writing, estate planning, land use planning, drafting contracts, investment review, title insurance, commercial real estate, and office systems and controls. You may also engage their services if you need an attorney or help negotiating with Nantucket’s taxing authorities.

Cohen and Jardine, LLC’s extensive client base in Nantucket include individuals, partnerships, corporates, tax-exempt entities, estates and trusts, and limited liability companies. The firm’s main objective is to help its clients advance their financial security and wealth. Thanks to their services, you can save time and money, maximize profits, eliminate tax concerns and get valuable insights into managing your finances.

The best thing about the firm is its personalized services. With fewer than eight employees, there’s easier and seamless coordination, thus better services. All their staff is qualified and knowledgeable. Moreover, they take pride in paying particular attention to each client to ensure they get quality services and are fully satisfied.

You may visit Cohen and Jardine, LLC’s website to book an appointment. The website also provides plenty of financial information you can benefit from. Topics covered include insurance, taxes, business management and personal financial plans, to mention a few.