Explore the Wonders of Nantucket with Critter Cruise and Monomoy Charters

June 25, 2023

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One of the best ways to explore the wonders of Nantucket Island is by taking a boat tour with Critter Cruise & Monomoy Charters. The company offers family-friendly tours that showcase the local marine life, including seals and other wildlife. It also provides private charters that can be customized to meet the needs and interests of each group.

Critter Cruise & Monomoy Charters offers various tour options, including seal tours, shark tours and bird-watching tours, all offering unique experiences for nature lovers and adventurers. Tours occur around Monomoy Island, a stunning barrier island off Cape Cod known for its diverse wildlife and scenic beauty. Each tour is led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, providing a fascinating insight into the region’s ecology, history, and culture.

The Seal Cruise is one of the most loved tours rendered by the company. Nantucket is home to a large population of harbor seals, and seal tours offer visitors a unique opportunity to see these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Cruises take you to seal colonies off the coast of Nantucket. There you can see seals sunbathing, swimming and playing.

Another popular tour is the Bird Watching Drive. Nantucket is a bird watcher’s paradise, with over three hundred species of birds to see year-round. Bird-watching cruises take visitors to some of the island’s best bird-watching spots, including swamps, beaches and salt marshes. Their knowledgeable guide helps identify the various bird species you see and learn about their behavior and habitat.

For those who enjoy fishing, Critter Cruise & Monomoy Charters offers a variety of fishing excursions, including deep sea fishing and fly fishing. Their experienced captains know the best fishing spots around the island. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice, they have the right gear and expertise to make your fishing trip enjoyable and memorable.

If you want a more personalized experience, private charters are available. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise or a family vacation, they can customize the tour to suit your interests and preferences. Their captain works with you to provide an unforgettable experience you can enjoy for years.

One of the unique aspects of Critter Cruises & Monomoy Charters is their commitment to conservation and education. They believe it is important to protect Nantucket’s wildlife and natural resources and educate visitors about the island’s ecology and environmental issues. Critter Cruises & Monomoy Charters also works with local conservation groups such as the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Maria Mitchell Society to help preserve the island’s natural beauty.