Dan LeMaitre

April 27, 2023

  • Location: 26 Easy Street, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Contact: 508-221-2804
  • Website: danlemaitrephoto.com

Nantucket has some of the most picturesque features in the world. You are in for a treat with a good presentation where you can see the place from all angles. No other gallery does a better work depicting the Island than Dan LeMaitre’s gallery. A local of the island, Dan had a close relationship with the ocean growing up. His ocean integration is so deep, giving him fish scales for skin and saltwater for blood.

As an avid surfer and fisherman who’s had the ocean for various games and escapades, Dan has explored different shores that he would often photograph. Over the decade, he has lived in Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Central America, South America, the North Shore of Oahu, and the Baja Peninsula. He, however, always returns to Nantucket, where he resides permanently.

Dan opened his first gallery on the island in 2017, showcasing a range of limited prints of some of his favorite photographs from the island and abroad. Today, he has his main gallery at 26 Easy and continues to showcase his wonderful works. One of his most impressive works is “Of the Sea,” a carefully curated collection of Dan’s favorite ocean photographs taken in Nantucket.

Visit Dan LeMaitre Gallery today to explore the best of Nantucket’s waters pictorial representation.