What Does a Day Trip to Nantucket Look Like?

November 08, 2022

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Nantucket is an island full of life and plenty to explore. Whether you are visiting it for a day or plan to stay longer, you are bound to create many unforgettable memories.

Are you planning to have a piece of the pie with just a day’s visit? Here’s what you can look forward to.

Means of Arrival

You arrive on the island either by using a plane or ferry. For the former, the nearest airport is Nantucket ACK, from which you can board a bus that takes about 20 minutes to Washington Street. The bus operates hourly and charges about $1 -$3 per person. If you need a private ride, there are plenty of taxis at the airport.

Onto the ferry, it is preferable to arrive on the island, perhaps due to its affordability and convenience.

There are two leading ferry service providers; Hyline and Steamship Authority. If you intend to travel early, the Steamship Authority is ideal as its ferry leaves as early as 6.10 am, and Hyline’s first ferry leaves at 8.15 am. To get more details on the traveling hours and fares charged, visit Nantucket Ferries.com.

It takes about an hour for a ferry to arrive in Nantucket harbor. From there, you can use a taxi or the Wave, Nantucket’s most remarkable public transportation option, to maneuver on the island.

What to Do

It pretty much depends on your mission on the island. There’s plenty to explore and delight in.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Take Breakfast

If you arrive on the island without having had any breakfast, you are in safe hands as there are plenty of joints that offer sumptuous options.

You can have some coffee or tea at joints such as Handlebar. For pastries and donuts, the Nantucket Bake Shop or Downyflake will suffice. Alternatively, you can go for a traditional full-course breakfast at restaurants such as the Brantpoint Grill.

The choice is yours!

Engage in Leisure Activities

You can go sailing with Endeavor Sailing Excursions, watch a show at the Theatre Workshop, or take a dip in one of the many beaches on the island. Besides swimming, you can indulge in extreme water sports such as surfing.

If you don’t mind a little exercise, as you enjoy nature at its best, you can go biking. Nantucket boasts of an extensive network of biking trails in many parts of the island.

Depending on the day and the time of the year you visit Nantucket, you can participate in activities such as scalloping, the Daffodil Festival, and the Christmas Stroll, among others. Such events are engaging and fun and provide you with an opportunity to socialize if you are up for it.

In case crowds are not your thing and you would like a lovely hangout spot away with some peace and quiet, you can walk along the beach (except for summer when both tourists and locals flood it). You can also carry some snacks with you and visit the Brant LightHouse to watch ferries glide into the harbor and take a breath of fresh, crisp air.

If you love driving, you can rent a jeep and drive off to the Great Point Lighthouse for some stunning views. On the way, you can explore the island’s geology, ecology, and history. If you are lucky, you will encounter some seals along the beaches.

Take Lunch

Where to eat depends on whether you want to grab a quick bite or get complete course meals.

Many pizza joints, food trucks, and fast foods are available in the town for a quick bite. They include Fusaro’s, Foggy, Pi Pizzeria, Shangri-La Kitchen, et cetera.

If you are seeking to enjoy a full course meal, say with complete-courser loved ones, you can visit the Toppers, Brant Point Grill, Breeze Restaurant, and The Club Car, just to mention a few. They offer a variety of palatable cuisines guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. However, ensure to check with your preferred restaurant on the times they open to avoid disappointment.

Go Shopping

There are plenty of shops in the town where you can get anything you desire from clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and artifacts, to cutlery. You can also buy the famous Nantucket Reds from Murray’s Toggery Shop.

When you are done shopping or need a rest, you can sit on one of the benches outside the hub and watch people pass by. If the time allows, you can visit Cisco Brewers for a drink and grab a bite from any of the food trucks at the brewery.

You will most probably have had so much fun and be sad to leave by the end of the day. To ensure you come back, drop some pennies at the Brant point lighthouse for good luck – many believe it guarantees you will return to the island.

In case you’ve not had enough of Nantucket and would like to stay a bit longer, you can get first-rate accommodation from Congdon & Coleman.