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The ACK Eats Delivery Nantucket Online Service and Mobile App
September 13, 2022
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If you plan to visit Nantucket, you may still prefer to maintain safety and social distancing. Or you may want to enjoy your meals in the privacy of your hotel room or another residence. Then you should check out the local ACK Eats service.

It is for food, alcohol, and grocery delivery. You can also order a laundry service or catering and buy gifts and flowers online or via the mobile app.

The innovative ACK Eats delivery Nantucket service has recently joined the company.

Still, it is locally owned and managed and offers deliveries from all restaurants included in the original app and service.

You can select the restaurant or other eatery of your choice. You can also order some groceries from your preferred store via the ACK Eats website or by downloading the free mobile app on your phone.

The online delivery service offers a wide range of choices of the best restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, and others. This means you can browse through all the available options and menus to find the meals and foods you want.

You can easily order the food or other items, which will be delivered to you, whether in a hotel, house, office, beach, or even on a boat in Nantucket.

Another option ACK Eats offers is to order online and pick up your food and other products yourself if you prefer.

All of the drivers who work for ACK Eats have thermal-controlled transportation bags. This will ensure that your food will remain warm or cool and fresh, depending on its type.

They deliver to any destination point on Nantucket.

You can select the cuisine type or the restaurant you prefer from the intuitive website or app menu. There is a huge selection of choices, including pizza, Chinese, Mexican, sushi, Thai, fast food, Italian, seafood, vegetarian, steak, café, and many more.
ACK Eats also offers to deliver your selected groceries from local stores such as Stop N Shop.

The laundry service includes washing and folding, dry cleaning, and tailoring.

You can also order catering for an event through the ACK Eats mobile app or website. You can also order and deliver different gifts, gift baskets, and flowers for somebody on the island.

Once you register for ACK Eats at, you will be able to start earning delivery points for every order you make for food, groceries, or alcohol.

The service will award you 20 points per dollar spent for orders via ACK Eats.

The company offers to redeem your points with credit for future orders starting from $5 up to $20. You can also donate your earned delivery points to several selected charities, including RED, Rise Against Hunger, City Harvest, and Dine11.

Doug Kruse and Liam Bruno established the ACK Eats company and service.

The two also designed and ran the Nantucket-based taxi ordering mobile app TACKzee. It is a service that supports the local taxi companies and drivers and competes with the surge fees of the seasonal Uber, Lyft, and other drivers who flood the island of Nantucket in the summer.

The two co-founders of ACK Eats are seasonal islanders who own homes in Nantucket. They were inspired by their own experiences of having to pay ridiculous fees for drives home during the peak season. And for having to drive to and park next to a favorite restaurant and eatery in the middle of the summer.

The customers will be charged a small fee for the delivery of their choice. The delivery fee depends on the distance between you and the restaurant or other location.

You will also get the option to tip the “mobile waiters” if you want to.

The mobile waiters are trained to transport the food to any location, even the beach or boat.

Both ACK Eats and TACKzee are locally owned and managed companies that support the local businesses and residents who live and pay taxes in Nantucket. The two services are designed to compete with the national “behemoth” companies like Lyft, Uber, UberEats, and GrubHub.

You can check out the ACK Eats website, or their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. You can also download the ACK Eats mobile app for Android or Apple and register for the convenient service.