Easy Riders, Nantucket: Well-Maintained Rental Bikes

May 03, 2023

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Biking is an excellent and thrilling way to explore the beautiful and scenic Nantucket Island. You cover more ground in less time, cruise around, and stop wherever and whenever you please to explore landmarks and take in beautiful views.

Easy Riders have the solution for all your cycling needs. Their bike rentals include a safety helmet and a personalized illustrated map that shows bicycle-friendly paths around Nantucket. Thanks to the map, you will not get lost while on your adventure. It also features en-route restrooms, eateries, and scenic spots, ensuring you have all the necessary information for a perfect adventure.

Client safety is Easy Rider’s’ top priority. They perform daily maintenance checks to ensure their bikes are safe and in perfect condition. You can, therefore, rest assured that the bikes will provide excellent service.

Easy Riders allow you to rent a bike until dusk. Spend your day exploring and cruising around the town while making stopovers for local foods and enjoying the vibrant and colorful ambiance of Nantucket.

Enjoy uniquely curated cycling experiences designed with you in mind. Expect excellent adventure, freedom, and an unmatched connection with nature, while exploring Nantucket at your pace. Irrespective of your group, dynamic, or age, Easy Riders will design a trip ideal for you.

Make it a family fun-filled adventure and choose different-sized bicycles ideal for smaller and bigger family members. Do not forget to carry along your camera, as you will come across plenty of snap-worthy spots.