Eel Point Road Path, Nantucket

June 09, 2023

A peaceful walk is one of the most underrated activities you can enjoy in Nantucket. Most people go for popular engagements like basking at the beach or trying out Nantucket’s cuisine, which are some of the essentials of this island. However, taking a walk can be equally satisfying as you get to connect to the island’s nature and delight in its picturesque beauty. If you are an avid adventurer, you should challenge yourself by exploring various paths in Nantucket.

Eel Point Road Path is one of the hidden niceties you should take if you fancy walking. You access the track off Eel Point Road, towards the island’s northwest coast. At first sight, you may get discouraged by its secluded and weathered nature. However, the more you explore it, the better it gets.

The path is accessible by car, with a small grassy parking lot at your convenience. Please note that there is no designated parking.

A solo walk on a lazy afternoon is therapeutic and an excellent way to clear your mind from your daily bustle. You may also tackle this trail via an early morning jog, especially if you are into exercising. You might meet other joggers along the path who can give you the morale to achieve your workout goals. Moreover, the cool oceanic breeze will enhance your overall mood.

Eel Point Road Path is also an excellent hiking trail for group activities. You can hike the course with your family or friends as you make worthy memories. You need the right gear, such as shoes, to conquer the track, which can be pretty rugged at some points. Also, carry water and snacks in case you need an energy boost.

During your trek along Eel Point Road Path, you will encounter fantastic sites of the wilderness. The path is near the Linda Loring Nature Foundation; thus, you may also encounter ospreys, white-tailed deer, and northern cardinals, among other species common in the wildlife sanctuary.

You cannot complete your walk without a photography session. This picturesque trail will amaze you, particularly if you are into nature photography. You can capture the impressive contrast of varying landscapes, including the ocean in the distance.

Besides walking, you can ride a bike and test your limits on the rough surface. If you are new to Nantucket, you can visit Eel Point Road Path as part of a guided walking tour.