Faregrounds, Nantucket

April 20, 2023

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Fareground, operated by Bill and Kim Puder, is one of Nantucket’s most popular year-round restaurants. You have your choice of the lively atmosphere of Pudley’s Pub, gather your nearest and dearest, and come on down to The Deck (after all, nothing beats quality time with the people you love) or the peace and quiet of the Faregrounds dining room. They are also huge sports fans and have over 15 HDTVs! In addition to the reasonably priced food, Faregrounds provides daily specials as well as a unique “All You Can Eat” menu item on each night of the week.

Faregrounds is the ideal location for getting together with old friends, sipping a beer, and rooting for your favorite team, as well as for gathering with family and savoring a delicious meal while spending time with those who are important to you.

It’s a wonderful spot to celebrate any event, and it is the ideal location for finding something that will appeal to each and every guest at your gathering. There is no such thing as a party that is too big or too small, and there is more than enough parking for all your guests.

Bill and Kim Puder put Faregrounds up for sale on April 14, 2022. While it is still “for sale,” the owners want it to continue to serve as the decades-old neighborhood meeting place that it is.