Final Touch Construction, Nantucket 

July 14, 2023

For the island community of Nantucket, where rain is perennial, the landscape construction services offered by Final Touch Construction are some of the most essential. The three-decade-old family-owned business boasts some of the most comprehensive range of outdoor services in Nantucket, with a rich portfolio that comprises demolition, excavation, drainage, and construction.

The company has an array of modern machinery required to ensure the highest quality landscaping works. These include wedged trucks that plow through snowy driveways, mini graders, excavators, and rollers.

The drainage services offered by Final Touch Construction include outlets for water runoff from roof gutters and yards to street trenches and dry wells, complete with embayment regulation for seamless drainage. One component of their drainage services at the core of the company’s portfolio is the construction of septic systems. These high-quality drainage systems ensure efficient disposal of domestic wastewater.

Final Touch’s demolition and excavation works cater to varied sizes of construction projects. Whether you intend to bring down existing structures, bore through trenches and install pipes or cables, or dig foundations for a new building construction, pool, or drainage system, the company’s heavy excavators will complete the work in optimal time.

The grading services offered by the company are also cutting-edge. These comprise standardizing your yard and pavements, upgrading your driveway for all-weather access, and plowing through driveways in winter.

The company’s finishing touch to your yard is what best embodies its name: Final Touch Construction. The team constructs some of the most picturesque yards you’ll see on the island. Hedges, brick walkways, retaining walls for elevated ground, and patios create a desirable lawn and backyard.

The Final Touch Company also handled repair works in water when the company was approached to repair the Madaket road ramp in 2012 – an example of how diverse the company is in offering solutions to different landscape construction needs.