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Fisherman’s Beach Nantucket
October 13, 2022
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  • Location: 39 Nonantum Avenue, Nantucket
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Fisherman’s Beach Nantucket is one of the calm places on the island. Pay a visit to this beach if you want to spend a lazy afternoon basking and watching the waves rise and fall. Visitors to this beach located near Surfside Beach describe it as quiet and breathtaking, something you would want any time of the day.

It gets its name from the activities of anglers and fishers who frequent this area, mainly during the evening. You may also pick up a rod, some bait and try your luck at fishing.

The parking is pretty small; thus, getting to the place on foot or by bike is advisable. There are no lifeguards on this beach, meaning you should always be keen. You may surf in the waters, but the waves may be rough. If you are a professional surfer, you will have an excellent time challenging yourself in the waters of Fisherman’s Beach.