Gypsy, Nantucket

April 12, 2023

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In 2003, Gypsy started its operation in Nantucket. The store is well-known for delivering high-end products to its customers. Personal stylist and founder Paola Gonfrade built a clothing brand that is timeless, effortless, and elegant.

Hand-picking each product is something clients love about this store. This gives shoppers a style that isn’t driven by trends but by a learned eye for what’s modern, fashionable, and beautiful. Every product is hand-picked with close attention to detail, which is evident in the entire shop.

Gypsy is in a free-standing historic apartment, updated in a minimalist and modernist style. This offers an excellent display of exquisite clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Visit the store for all your latest styles for a chance to present a new look. Shower yourself with love by getting new women’s clothing products from this store and get noticed. Enjoy shopping and there is a close parking spot for you whenever you visit.

Whether you want to relax at home or dress for a date, you’ll find something ideal. They offer a wide collection of women’s clothing for every taste and style. From shirts and boots to jewelry, jackets, pants, and dresses, Gypsy Nantucket has everything a fashionable, modern woman needs.

Many clients believe this is the best clothing store in Nantucket, with extremely high-end shoes, accessories, and fashion. It’s an expensive boutique, but you get your money’s worth from its items. The shop is uncluttered and well-organized throughout the space. You’ll enjoy drooling over the stunning Celine bags and Thakoon dresses.

As a high-end clothing store, the sales associates are welcoming and helpful whenever you try on some clothes. This upscale women’s clothing store is never overcrowded, making you feel like you are shopping in a private store. Browsing through different items, you will definitely fall in love.