Island Variety, Nantucket 

April 12, 2023

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Are you looking to buy anything around the island? Look for it at Island Variety before considering any other place. It is one of the major convenience stores in Nantucket. Locally owned, the store has been in operation for over 23 years with fantastic provisions in every item category.

The store was established at 5 Freedom Square before moving to 59 Old South Road in 2018. In the process, it doubled in size to cover 5000 square feet of retail store space. The move allowed it to stock an even wider variety of customer supplies.

Island Variety has everything you can ever think of buying from a store. It stocks household items, gifts and accessories, stationery, party items, baby products, and much more. It’s also the right place to look for seasonal merchandise. It features some of the best brands available at competitive market prices.

Island variety makes shopping fun. They have a team to help you find the specific item you are looking for within the shortest time. They also have ample parking space that is convenient if you bulk shop.

The retail store values continuity and has been managed by Toni Struncis since its inception and Miss Veronica, who joined a year later. The ladies have steered Island Variety to much success, making it one of the integral parts of the Nantucket community.

After several years of operation, the store, in February 2023, came up for sale. The owner, Allan Bell, said he was selling it as Toni and her husband plan to move away from Nantucket. Bell also feels it’s time to step away from several business ventures. He received seven inquiries the first weekend after putting the store up for sale. With an inventory worth over $300,000, even with a new owner, the store will likely remain a leading destination for shoppers.