Jack and Charlie’s, Nantucket: Strong Cone Competition

April 27, 2023

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A Nantucket food tour brings to light this island’s cuisine, which will wow you if you are a foodie. Jack and Charlie’s is one of the hubs you should explore on your food adventures. While it may look like a regular ice cream stop, there is plenty to it that you will love.

Jack and Charlie’s has a warming backstory, beginning with a young, Nantucket-bred boy who dreamed of owning an ice cream shop. After he grew up, married, and had two sons, Jack and Charlie, he set up an ice cream shop to accomplish his childhood dream and named it after his sons.

This eatery’s appearance is similar to that of most buildings on the island, with a rustic grey appearance and vibrant white details. Its outdoor space is mostly brick.

Jack and Charlie’s owes its immense popularity to its homemade ice cream. Available flavors include banana cream pie, blue Monstah, coffee Oreo, maple walnut, and moose tracks. Similar flavors are also available for ice cream cakes and frappes.

You can hold your ice cream in cake, sugar, or homemade waffle cones. Toppings include cotton candy crunch, gummi bears, mini M&Ms, peanut butter, and Nutella.

If you love gelato, you can go for espresso, la guilana, chocolate, and Marscapone varieties. As a fan of malts and floats, your choices are root beer, snow white, and black cow.

Jack and Charlie’s is a pet-friendly joint; you can also get a treat for your doggo. The doggie cones have a biscuit as a topping.

You may pass by this eatery for breakfast, as it opens at 7am. Try out Charlie’s Choice, comprising a toasted everything bagel, wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, red onion, and a hint of lemon juice. Other options are the open-face egg salad sandwich, avocado toast, and overnight oats. Complete your breakfast with a mug of hot coffee, tea, smoothie, or chocolate milk.

Jack and Charlie’s is also the perfect spot for a date, owing to its simplicity and diverse menu. Specialty coffee like Americano, mochaccino, red eye, cappuccino, and breve will make your date memorable. Accompany your beverage with homemade muffins or chocolate chip cookies.