Ladies Beach, Nantucket

March 22, 2023

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The Ladies Beach, located south of Bartlett Farm and within the Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve, offers great body surfing and boogie boarding during low tide. For beach access, there is a nearby parking space and a walkway through the dunes.

The south shore’s waves and current make this beach perfect for strong swimmers and surfers. The surf is variable, although there are generally at least gentle waves, frequently with a sandbar. When there is offshore wind and swell, the waves form beautiful A-frame peaks to the left or right; 3-5 ft is ideal, but it is also quite rare. Because the waves are generally small, bring a longboard.

As the golden hour hits, everything slows down, and you may observe seals feeding near the shore. Sunsets are the ideal way to end the day. Ladies Beach is an island treasure that is underappreciated and less crowded in the summer.