Lauren Marttila: Nantucket Photographer

June 07, 2023

Lauren’s is another story of the all-too-familiar script of visitors coming down to Nantucket, falling in love with the island, and settling down in the town. This is what islanders amusingly call “washing ashore.” She has resided in Nantucket for over a decade and has become invested in the island personally and professionally.

In her personal life, Marttila shows her love for Nantucket by volunteering for the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club. Professionally, she uses a camera lens to capture and detail beautiful shots of the weather, ocean, and the broader Nantucket.

Lauren Marttila has become a celebrated photographer in Nantucket thanks to her exemplary photography and artistic skills.

The introverted camera girl was led into the path of photography by her surfer husband, and the morning seascape was her horning ground. He gifted her a camera on their first wedding anniversary, which sparked her photography career.

Her family and friends were instrumental in Lauren making a profession out of her newfound passion. Lauren’s friends pushed her to publish her work, and her family was the first to hang her wall art.

She draws inspiration from, among others, one of the greatest artists ever, Pablo Picasso. Lauren’s photography is themed around capturing beauty in its simplest form. Her everyday snapshots on her socials feature images of simple, neat, beautiful spaces.

Moreover, she is adventurous and a wanderlust. She is ever enthusiastic about going outdoors to take in the sights and smells of nature, bask in the sun, and capture sunrises, sunsets, waves, and other beautiful moments. In a bid to capture the best outdoor shots, Lauren has grown accustomed to all kinds of conditions, occasionally camping in the open overnight.

She has a website dedicated to publishing her work, and her portfolio includes high-resolution images with interesting captions. It also features her blog, where she journals her travels and day-to-day. The blog provides valuable information for wanderlusts wishing to visit places within and beyond Nantucket and residents and wannabe residents wanting to construct on the island. Examples of these journals include “What I Packed to Jamaica,” “What to Pack for Nantucket,” and “It Takes a Village,” which details the process of building her home swimming pool.

Her blog also includes an increasingly popular Gift Guide segment featuring everything from budget gifts, books, jewelry, et cetera.

Lauren’s art business involves enveloping customer photograph selections in custom frames that make delightful wall art. The solid wood custom frames are handmade by Framebridge and Simply Framed. The manufacturers perform checks to guarantee the quality of the portraits.

Lauren has partnered with both online and brick & mortar shops to stock select portraits for customers wishing to purchase ready-made art.

These shops include Milly and Grace and Nantucket Looms for customers within the island. Serena & Lily has Lauren’s inventory in its physical and online stores to serve customers outside Nantucket. Anthropologie, Tuckernuck,  and Chairish are alternative online stores where customers may also get Lauren’s art. Oversized frames (36×48” and up) are organized for shipment via freight service.

For all online product shipments, Lauren Marttila Photography doesn’t accept returns, given the non-uniform nature of the art.