Lockhart Collection and Thomas Henry Gallery

May 29, 2023

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The Lockhart Collection & Thomas Henry Gallery are combined shops at 15 Centre Street, Nantucket. The two shops blend perfectly and are a dream dual store for interior décor fanatics and lovers of beauty accessories alike.

Lockhart Collection

Deborah Lockhart Phillips runs the Lockhart Collection. For over three decades, she has collected and collated various art forms.

An avid traveler and seeker of interesting finds, Deborah ensures a well-stocked, unique inventory for her distinguished customers within and beyond Nantucket.

Her collection spans maritime instruments, nautical artifacts, art deco, lighting accessories, British and mid-century modern furniture, jewelry, and other unique collectibles.

You’ll therefore find tables, shelves, storage cabinets, chairs, wall clocks, folk art, mirrors, ceramics, silver, glass, Asian art, and wall décor, among other items.

It is common for Deborah to acquire rare precious gemstones, antiques, and jewelry that you won’t possibly find anywhere else. This is attributed to her International connections, partnerships with artisans, talented eye for valuable art, and years of experience in the field.

As such, the Lockhart Collection is the go-to for many Manhattan interior designers and movie producers seeking antique and vintage-themed décor.

The store opens seasonally, running between mid-May and mid-October. It also has an online presence at the reputable 1st Dibs marketplace with dozens of items, sometimes numbering a hundred at a time.

In addition to the dealer shop at 1st Dibs, the store runs a dedicated website that features their collection and promises customers to “expect the unexpected.” It also contains contact details for customers wishing to contact the shop via phone, email or fill-out form.

Thomas Henry Gallery

Like its sister shop, the Nantucket branch of the U.K.’s Thomas Henry Gallery is also open seasonally. The contemporary fine art store’s portfolio mainly features works of British artists.

Paul Copson founded it nearly three decades ago and has dedicated his life to running it. The gallery’s name is derived from a combination of his two sons’ names.

Thomas Henry Gallery’s featured pieces are extensively themed around seascape and marine art, given Nantucket is an island town.  Nevertheless, pieces with a host of other themes are included in the gallery for customers desiring something different.

Paul has partnered with both new and established names in the contemporary art industry to showcase their works, some of whom draw their inspiration from the Nantucket coast.

At the gallery, you will find a variety of expressions, from the more realistic depictions of Nantucket and Manhattan to the more imaginative impressions.