Lola 41, Nantucket

March 22, 2023

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Lola 41 is an upscale and well-known restaurant in the city of Nantucket that specializes in cuisine from the 41st parallel. The restaurant’s name comes from the latitude at which it is located.

The abbreviation “LoLa” stands for “longitude latitude,” while the number “41” refers to the particular parallel that LoLa is located on. The restaurant patrons have their choice of numerous different menus, such as sushi, the bistro menu, and the drink menu. Dishes such as gnocchi bolognese, avocado maki, King Crab Rangoon, Asian-inspired tuna burger, and grilled salmon lo mein with snow peas are available for customers to choose from.

The dining area at Lola 41 is spacious and bright, equipped with a sizable bar, and designed with contemporary accent pieces and modern light fixtures. The restaurant is frequently used as a location for private celebrations and get-togethers. Those staying at Lola 41 have the choice of having their meals either inside the restaurant’s dining room or outside on the patio, where they may soak up some sun rays.

The 41st parallel goes through many countries and regions. These countries and regions have influenced every part of the restaurant, from the decor and atmosphere to the food and drinks at the bar.

Be sure to look down the next time you sit at either the sushi bar or the cocktail bar; if you do, you will see implanted coins from many of the nations located along the 41st parallel. Welcome to Lola 41!