Low Beach, Nantucket

March 27, 2023

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Low beach is one of the beaches with the least visitors and noise on the island of Nantucket. It is a wonderful area to get away from any crowded areas and perhaps observe some wildlife due to its location right close to a large dune system and near proximity to the settlement of ‘Sconset. It is a nice area to have a picnic for the day during the summer or take the dog for a quiet stroll on the beach during the off-season, even though it is a little farther off the beaten path than ‘Sconset Beach.

Swimming on this beach that faces the Atlantic should never be done alone and should only be done by experienced swimmers because the water is deeper, and the currents can be rather strong.

Driving vehicles on Low Beach is permitted if no nesting shorebirds are in the area.

The best times to go fishing at Low Beach are spring, fall, and summer.

Dogs are welcome here as long as they are kept on a leash and have a valid license. Dogs and their owners are not permitted within any area with dunes, marsh grass, protected animals, or any other type of fencing.

How to Get There

Despite its distance from the nearest town, Low Beach isn’t too difficult to get to. If you start at the Milestone Rotary and continue Milestone Road all the way to its ending, you will arrive at the Siasconset Rotary. After turning right onto Gully Road at the roundabout, take another right up the little hill into Ocean Avenue. Continue to drive past the bridge on your left. Continue down Ocean Avenue and keep going straight after the stop sign. Just beyond Stone Post Way, there is a little dirt road located on the left. Drive the gravel road until you reach the parking area, and then continue driving forward from there to access the beach. There is a restricted amount of parking in this location, and the lot itself is unpaved.

Driving Instructions for the Beach

Beach driving is permitted on Low Beach throughout the year unless nesting shorebirds use the area for breeding. Driving on Low Beach should only be attempted by cars equipped with four-wheel drive, as vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) will likely become stuck in the soft sand covering the whole beach, from the entrance point to the beach itself.

In order to drive onto Low Beach, you will need to have beach driving permission, which may be obtained through the Police Department of the Town of Nantucket. Driving on the beach is subject to a severe speed restriction of 20 miles per hour, which drops to 5 miles per hour if a pedestrian is within 100 yards of the vehicle. As a result of Low Beach’s high potential as a nesting ground for shorebirds, the beach is subject to temporary vehicle bans during the breeding season. There may also be limits because of erosion that are in place.

Aquatic Activities and Leisure Time

Those who like the great outdoors will find Low Beach a treasure waiting to be discovered. It is important to remember that there are no lifeguards stationed anywhere along Low Beach, so swimmers should always be on the lookout for potential dangers while in the water. This beach is perfect for experienced swimmers who relish the prospect of a swim in water that is both colder and more challenging.


This peaceful site generally always has something to offer in the form of wildlife to look at and/or photograph. There is a good chance of spotting a gray seal in the ocean at any time of the year, and these animals have also been known to hang out on beaches throughout the winter. You could even get the chance to view whales or dolphins further out in the ocean if you’re lucky.

During the fall migration, Low Beach is a popular resting spot for many different species of birds. Nevertheless, the Peregrine Falcon and the Merlin seem to like it the most. Deer and other types of tiny songbirds, such as the Snow Bunting and many species of warblers, frequent the undulating sand dunes and pine trees located just to the south of Low Beach.