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Are You in Madaket, Nantucket? Here Are Some Fun Activities to Do
March 15, 2023
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The easy-going town of Madaket is located on the western extremity of Nantucket, six miles west of the town. It is famous for its windy beaches, sand dunes, and laid-back atmosphere.

After reading this post, you’ll learn what to expect when visiting Madaket, Nantucket.

Madaket Neighbourhood

The town is a peaceful vicinity that complements Downtown Nantucket. It has a placed atmosphere and is famous for its spectacular sunsets. If you want to move away from the hustle and bustle of your hometown, search no further than Madaket.

The Beach

madaket beach

When you reach Madaket, rent a bicycle or board a bus and prepare for a beach extravaganza that only Nantucket can offer!

The blissful Madaket beach is part of a long stretch of silica that runs from the southwest of Nantucket Island to the northeast edge.

The shore is full of pebbles and shells, which you can gather and use as decor for your sitting area.

Madaket beach is also famous for its spectacular sunset views – something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Due to the incredible sheltered settings, there will be many people to keep you company if you wish to spend your late hours at the beach.

There are also a couple of lifeguards on duty trained in both rescues and surfing; however, watch your kids cautiously because the ocean waves and currents are strong.

There is a little car park just behind the beach with about 20 spaces, so the early bird will undoubtedly catch the worm.

There are well-maintained and spotless bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms beside the beach.

If you don’t own a private ride, don’t stress! For $3 per adult, there is a frequent bus service to carry you back to where you are staying.

What to Do

There are a couple of enticing activities to do in Madaket, Nantucket.

whaling museum nantucket

Are you searching for the perfect way to immerse into Nantucket’s reputed whaling ancestry? The Whaling Museum, located in downtown Nantucket, offers a wealth of information.

The museum is housed in an old spermaceti wax factory that made candles from whale oil. It currently has numerous light-filled display rooms loaded with relics, images, drawings, and artifacts from Nantucket’s legendary whaling days.

cisco brewery nantucket

If you desire a frosty drink, a stopover at the high-end Cisco Brewers will do.

Since the 1980s, Cisco Brewers has supplied residents and travelers with a dose of buzzing ecstasy by offering the finest wine, beers, and liquor. It also delivers one of the tastiest lobster rolls in town!

Where to Dine

In Madaket, Millie’s is the spot to feast. The cafe serves the most satisfactory seafood, such as zesty ceviche, yellowfin poke, and various delectable salads. Take a family dining table inside the hotel or relax on one of their outside picnic benches and enjoy the breeze.

Millie’s Market serves ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and their signature beverages: the Madaket Mystery and Millie’s Margarita.

Where to Stay

After a day at Madaket Beach, you’ll definitely desire a good night’s rest. Stay in one of the local cottages and benefit from the exemplary convenience of downtown Nantucket and excellent customer service.

Staying in a local cottage instead of a hotel is a great way to experience the authentic charm of Nantucket, as they provide a unique, intimate atmosphere. Additionally, these cottages offer excellent customer service, as they are owned and managed by locals. This gives guests a genuine Nantucket experience, as they can learn about the area’s culture and dive into the local lifestyle.

Another advantage of staying in a cottage is that it often has a fully equipped kitchen, allowing guests to prepare meals, eat in, and save money on food costs. Many of these houses have a cozy backyard and a pool – perfect spots to relax and enjoy an evening outdoors.

Other Things to Do for Free in Nantucket

Some people believe that the good things in life are free. If you are running out of cash and would still want to experience more of Madaket, Nantucket, visit the following places;

  1. Nantucket United Methodist Church– Spend some time in silence reflecting on the religious importance of this location.
  2. Children’s Beach – Take a stroll along the water’s edge and immerse your feet inside for a mesmerizing experience.
  3. Lily Pond Park– This wetland will delight your soul if you treasure greenery.
  4. Founder’s Cemetery – If you want to learn about the area’s past through its monuments, include this in your program.
  5. Nantucket Atheneum – This public library is well-known among locals and is worth visiting.

In conclusion, Madaket and Nantucket should be on the list of your dream destinations if you love having a good time. Whether you love exploring local attractions or trying daring activities, you’ll not get bored here!