Madequecham Beach, Nantucket

April 10, 2023

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Located between Surfside and Tom Nevers on the island’s southeast coast, Madaquecham is reachable through a lengthy dirt road that ends at a parking space and a walkway to the beach. You can only get there by a private road that goes through thousands of acres of stunning protected property, including moors, bogs, meadows, and the beach itself. Beach access is restricted to private access or 4×4 vehicles; the region is excellent for watching birds.

Those who enjoy surfing, playing in the waves, or finding solitude should definitely check out this spot. Strong swimmers and surfers will like this south coast beach because of its waves and current. Miles of peaceful, endless beach make for an idyllic coastal day.

Take a photograph from up on the bluff to remember one of our favorite areas of the Nantucket coastline. Madequecham is a popular destination for a wide variety of activities, including fishing, sunset dog walks, private picnics, and more. Please keep in mind that there is a severe lack of parking, no lifeguards, and no public facilities at the beach and that getting there is not convenient by bike.

Visit Madequecham Beach to see the island’s top surfers in action on days when the wind is blowing, and the waves are high. When the waves are sound, many skilled surfers gather in the ocean while spectators and photographers line up to catch the action.

Madequecham is a popular destination because it offers everything for everyone: stunning scenery, miles of hiking trails, excellent fishing, and a beautiful stretch of surfable ocean just beyond the massive outwash plain.

Important note: It is important to be respectful of the environment while you are enjoying the dunes. Do not leave any garbage behind, and try to stay on established trails and paths as much as possible. If you are driving a vehicle, be sure to stay on the designated roads, and be aware of the soft sand and the potential for getting stuck. Avoid making large ruts, and try to keep the area pristine for others to enjoy. Be mindful of wildlife and other visitors, and stay away from sensitive areas. Respect the dunes and the environment, and you can enjoy the beauty of this natural area for years to come.