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Miacomet Beach Nantucket
September 30, 2022
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  • Location: 36 West Miacomet Road Nantucket, MA 02554, United States

Miacomet Beach is located on the south shore of Nantucket and west of Surfside Beach. You can take a bus or taxi to Miacomet beach from Nantucket, and the 6km journey will take you about 9 minutes, including transfers. The beach has heavy surf and strong rip currents; therefore, swimming here can be hazardous. But you can dive into the nearby Miacomet Pond with much calmer waters.

There are no amenities at the beach, but lifeguards are present who parole the waters during summer. Beach driving is also prohibited at the beach any time year-round. Miacomet Pond is charming, uber calm, and an exciting place worth visiting in Nantucket.

The area is a fun haven for kids and is suitable for birding, kayaking, and canoeing. Keep an eye out for snapping turtles before diving into the pond. It’s not out of the ordinary to spot seagulls, sea ducks, wading birds, and swans in the 1.5-mile freshwater habitat.

Furthermore, it borders the dunes and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, perfect for those seeking a laid-back vibe away from the occasional crowd. You can also boogie board or jump around in the waters. Parking is available, but no facilities on-site for food or drinks, so be sure to stock up before heading over to the beach.

A soft, sandy shoreline, pristine weather, and flame-colored sunsets are some of the big perks of visiting Miacomet Beach. To eat, visit Bartlett’s Farm for a quick bite or head over to Cisco Brewery or the Nantucket Vineyard winery for some locally brewed wine and beer. Golf enthusiasts can explore the 18-hole golf course at Miacomet Golf Club, which boasts unparalleled ocean views.