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Amazing Leisure Spots in Nantucket: Miacomet Golf Club
October 28, 2022

If you are into golfing, ensure to visit the magnificent Miacomet Golf Club, which features a well-kept course with fast greens and sand traps.

The Nantucket Island Land Bank owns the course. It acquired its title after a section of the island called “The Meeting Place.” or “Miacomet”, which the Wampanoag Tribe initially inhabited.

The course is well-structured and available all year, making it a popular destination for seasonal and year-round golfers alike.


Miacomet Golf Club was among the first Land Bank’s purchases. Initially, it was a 9-hole facility acquired from a private investor to be preserved as an outdoor community resource in perpetuity. The course was upgraded to 18 holes in 2003 by the Land Bank, which also rebuilt the old fairways and tees.

Miacomet is presently Nantucket’s only public 18-hole golf course.


The facility is approximately three miles from town and one mile from the ocean. From Surfside road, take a right turn. While driving, you’ll eventually encounter Bartlett road, which then meets Raceway drive.

At the stoplight, go left towards Somerset road. From there, move straight into West Miacomet Road. You will see the club on the left side of the road.


Miacomet Golf Course has a restricted membership of 400 people. The limit exists to ensure that both members and non-members have equal access to tee times.


The green charge for 18 holes is $150 (150 Euros) per player.

If you don’t have a golf club, electro-cart, or trolley, you can hire them at a reasonable fee.

The club accepts payments via credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

Customer Offers

The facility occasionally gives discounts to residents so that everyone can have the opportunity to play. They also ensure that tourists have equitable access to tee times.


Multiple posts in Miacomet Golf Course help you navigate the area. Most Land Bank pathways are in loop form. Once you stick to the arrows, you will be able to revert to where you started.

Golf Club Regulations

  1. All players should report at the Golf Shop 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled tee time.
  2. Every golfer must have a complete set of clubs.
  3. Non-golfers aren’t allowed to escort players to the field.
  4. Dogs are not allowed on the course.
  5. Foursomes should play 18 holes in 4 1/4 hours.
  6. If the field is packed, singles and twosomes are usually teamed.
  7. The management has marked restricted areas in the course with white stakes. Please don’t access these areas to avoid trouble.
  8. On the course, the golf warden and starter on duty have complete discretion over the regulations and pace of play.
  9. Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) are situated on holes 4 and 13, and there’s a restricted entry.
  10. ESAs are characterized as water hazards. Rule 26-1c governs activities in these sections.

Dress Code Policy

The premises do not allow denim jeans, cut-off shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, or flip flops.

Men should wear collared shirts or mock necks.

For better and more convenient golfing, you are advised to wear running shoes or sneakers.

Practice Facilities

Miacomet Golf Course offers a driving range where players can work on their swings.

To perfect difficult shots, there is extensive chipping and pitching green. A practice bunker is also available to help players earn confidence in score-saving strokes.


The ‘Restaurant of Miacomet Golf Course’ and ‘The Surf Eatery’ offers excellent dishes, a welcoming ambiance, and a haven to unwind at any time of the day.

In conclusion, if you want to experience a windswept Scottish-vibe golf course, spare a day or two and take a trip to this round-off facility. We guarantee you maximum enjoyment!