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Miacomet Golf Course
October 12, 2022
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Like most places in Nantucket, the Miacomet Golf Course has a rich history. The land was first bought in 1956, with the intent to turn it into a cow farm for dairy production. In 1963, the owner officially opened the Miacomet Golf Course as a year-round course for visitors and islanders.

The owner then sold it to the Nantucket Island Land Bank in the mid-1980s. In 2003, the golf course became the only 18-hole public golf facility in Nantucket. To date, it still serves seasonal and year-round communities around the island as a meeting, practice, and golf facility. The land is not only beautiful, but also has a driving range and a fully functioning putting green for golfing.

Both expert and novice golfers can take a hit at the golf course. It has challenging holes, four tee options, and beautiful scenery. Take an afternoon off and practice your golf on the course. You can look at the public tee times and the rates to know the best time to visit.

There is also a junior golf course for those with less experience. You can check out the tournament results and schedule and even meet the pros. There is so much to do at the Miacomet Golf Course for everyone, including golf instructions for new golfers.

Tired after a long round of golf? Visit the Miacomet Golf Restaurant. They have an extensive menu with sumptuous foods and drinks. However, you need to book a spot before entering.