Millie’s Market, Nantucket

May 22, 2023

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Millie’s Market is a leading location for locals and visitors looking for a place to shop within the island. Located conveniently in the parking lot of Millie’s Restaurant on Madaket Road, this spot is easy to reach and provides a distinct experience.

Founded in the spirit of Millie Jewett, an island legend who earned the highest civilian rank from the US coast guard, the place caters to the needs of locals and visitors. It is run on an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere that allows visitors to unwind and have a great time shopping. It incorporates aspects of both Nantucket Island and the mainland, allowing for a more exhaustive experience.

Being a hive of supplies, you can always find something worthwhile, whether looking for drinks, wine, snacks, beach gear, or clothing. It is also an ideal place to visit when looking for that perfect gift for your loved one.

Within the market is a kitchen that features an expansive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. It is considered among the best eateries on the island mainly due to its diverse and amazing array of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and tacos.

Their kids’ or family’s special treats make it ideal for a family fun day out, while its homemade juices come with the natural taste you might have missed when away from home. The kitchen is known for coastal fare and cocktails like the world-renowned Madaket mystery.

Are you looking to give a loved one Millie’s Market experience? You can easily do this through the market’s gift cards. Instantly share the gift card via mail or text or print the card for an in-person presentation. The cards are great when you wish to gift someone but are unsure what they fancy.

The market also stands out as one of the most reliable keg suppliers on the island. It has a wide range of beer selections you can order in barrels at zero deposit. You only incur some charges in case of a late return (past seven days). The team will supply quality drinks based on your needs and budget. In case you can’t make your orders in person, you can conveniently order online from their website.

Millie’s Market is more than just a shopping spot; it also cares about the continuity of the island. It is a proud sponsor of a film about fishing on Nantucket. The film features friends who share their love for the art of fishing and how they do it on the island.