Milly and Grace Nantucket: Delightful Clothing, Accessories, and Home Decor

April 14, 2023

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It is an amazing clothing and accessories store tucked in at 2 Washington Street, Nantucket. The store stocks handbags, shoes, clothing, beauty products, home décor, and gifts, among other personal items. Every piece displayed at the shop is carefully hand-picked, making everything worth your while.

Emily, the shop’s owner, is deeply passionate about fashion. Her interest was sparked by her two grandmothers, Milly and Grace, while growing up. After she graduated from college and had a long experience in the retail industry, she decided to open her boutique and named it after her grandmothers.

The boutique is about creating an excellent balance between contemporary trends and timeless pieces. As such, you are guaranteed to find something cute to wear for every occasion. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, date night, or you just want to chill at home while looking good, Milly and Grace got your back.

Every detail matters when you want to achieve the perfect look. The shop fully acknowledges this, offering everything you need for a complete outfit. Their stunning jewelry, quality clothing, handbags, and shoes will upgrade any wardrobe. If you need help finding an ideal fit, their friendly and helpful staff will quickly come to your rescue. They can also help you choose a suitable gift for a loved one.

Emily works alongside her sister Caroline, a resourceful wedding planner. So, the shop is one part clothing and accessories and one part weddings.

Their wedding services include consultation, design & styling, and full-service planning. If you have everything you need for your big day and only need someone to execute your plans, Caroline is always available to help.

To find out more information about her services or check out Milly and Grace’s collection, visit their website.