Nantucket Arts Council

May 30, 2023

Nantucket Arts Council is a leading non-profit that supports and encourages access to the various artistic disciplines on Nantucket Island. Founded in 1973, the organization ensures the collaboration and success of visual, literary, and performing artists through education, scholarships, grants, and awards.

The organization has year-round programming with notable events like the Nantucket Arts Festival, Shakespeare in the Garden, and other in-house concert series. Since 1994, the Nantucket Arts Council has given over $200,000 in grants to various on-island organizations and over 14 art students’ scholarships.

The council is focused on enhancing the power of music and art to harness health and happiness among the Island population while exploiting its commercial opportunities for local businesses. All the councils’ programs are designed for the ultimate enjoyment of arts and culture by the residents and visitors.

Nantucket Arts Council has partnered with several reputable organizations like the Artists Association of Nantucket, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket, Nantucket’s Film & Culture Center, Nantucket Atheneum, and Nantucket Community Music Center. It’s always looking for ways to strengthen existing partnerships while creating opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded entities.

The council is open to membership through a donation of $100 and above and is still redefining membership benefits. It also offers collaboration opportunities with individuals, families, organizations, or foundations looking to support art within the Island.

Are you an artist looking for the best opportunity to make it on the island? Join Nantucket Arts Council to become part of the fun.