Nantucket Boat Basin

May 11, 2023

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The Nantucket Boat Basin (NBB) is a full waterfront service company in the navel of Nantucket Island. It is popular with sailors and tourists traveling around the New England area.

The private marina is accessible via the Cross Rip Channel to the island’s north and west of the Nantucket harbor. The property is owned and managed by Nantucket Island Resorts (NIR). It is among the chain of service industry properties under the NIR umbrella, including five luxury and premier hotels: White Elephant, The Cottages & Lofts, Harbor House Villages, The Wauwinet, and Jared Coffin House.

Services & Amenities

Boats Accommodated

The boat basin can accommodate up to 240 vessels at a time, servicing boats and yachts with varied shore power capacities, ranging from 30amp, 50amp, 100amp, 100amp single, 100amp 3phase & 200 amp.

Electricity is surcharged as an extra nightly fee for the vessels.

Reservations, Schedules & Cancellations

Nantucket Boat Basin Marina accommodates short-term and season-based reservations with a two-night minimum booking requirement for all reservations.

Customers intending to book can find detailed fill-out forms on the marina’s website or dial the marina’s office phone line. Alternatively, they may book slips through third-party providers such as Dockwa.

NBB facilitates slip-side check-ins into the marina after 1:00p.m and check-outs before 11:00 a.m. Upon arrival, customers must radio in the marina’s office line via 9/11 VHF channels for facilitation into slips.

The boat basin’s cancellation policy states that customers canceling their reservations more than 30 days before their booked arrival date will get a 90% refund. Customers are, therefore, not eligible for a refund if they execute any changes or cancellations to their arrivals and departures within 30 days or less of their reservations.


Boats can dock into their allocated berths alongside med-moor options. The marina doesn’t, however, offer outright mooring services for skippers who aren’t skilled in med-mooring. Customers without the ability to med-moor are required to state so when filling out the reservation form.

The berths at Nantucket Boat Basin are made to a high standard for easy accessibility to guests and are accommodative to pets.


The marina updates docking prices on its website ahead of every boating season. Docking rates vary depending on the size of the vessel, ranging between $10.25 and $15.75 per foot, with different rates for med-moored and alongside (parallel) docks.

Docking for boats with a maximum size of 59 feet is priced between $10.25 and $11.00 per foot. Docking charges for 60’-99’ watercrafts range between $12.25 and $13.00 per foot.

Rates for 100’-124’ vessels cost between $13.25-$14.25 per foot for parallel docks and $12.75-$13.50 per foot for med-moored anchorages.

Vessels greater than 125′ sizes are charged between $13.75-$14.75 per foot for med-moored docks and $14.75-$15.75 per foot for parallel docks.

Fueling & Pump-Outs

Nantucket Boat Basin offers fueling and oiling services for gasoline and diesel vessels. It also facilitates slip-side pump-outs most hygienically for free at all three berths in the facility.


NBB offers cable/ satellite TV and wireless internet with decent speeds throughout its premises.


The marina has a total of 18 clean bathrooms and shower facilities, as well as coin-operated laundry machines for guest convenience.

Concierge Services

NBB’s knowledgeable and friendly staff caters to customer-specific requests. The marina concierge can handle restaurant reservations, tennis and golf outings, babysitting, pet sitting, fishing, and travel arrangements.

Travel within Nantucket town and around the island waters via bike, scooter, boat rentals, taxi and shuttle services, and airplane charters.

The marina’s staff can also handle more specific requests like catering services and party planning assistance. Additionally, they offer skilled massage and spa services within Nantucket Island Resort facilities.


The marina provides adequate security services for guests and vessels within the facilities, including a dedicated security hotline.

Environmental Policy

Nantucket Boat Basin keeps in line with Nantucket Harbor’s “No discharge” policy and Nantucket bylaws governing wastewater discharge. Guests are informed that it is illegal to discharge graywater overboard.

Household waste can only be discarded in transparent plastic bags. Recyclable items such as bottles, glass, tins, newspapers, magazines, and cardboards can be placed in blue recycling bins spread throughout the marina.

Information & Communication Channels

NBB has an active online presence where customers can find information, offers, and updates regarding the marina, phone lines, brochures, event calendars, site maps, and educational content.

These include a detailed website, newsletter, and social media channels.

Preferred Guest Program

The Nantucket Boat Basin runs a preferred guest program where customers are issued cards. Only guests that spend seven nights minimum in a season within the marina’s premises having booked reservations directly through the boat basin qualify for the program.

The program’s benefits include discounts on products and services offered by the marina and Nantucket Island Resort’s other facilities. These are:

  • 40% off electricity charges barring holidays and July and August.
  • 5% discount for fuel purchases in May, June, September, and October.
  • 1 free slip night after Labor Day for every ten spent during the boating season, with a 3-night cap on free slip nights.
  • 15% off room charges in all Nantucket Island Resort accommodations in April, June, July, September, and October.
  • 15% discount on dining in Nantucket Island Resort eateries.
  • 15% discount on purchases within Nantucket Island Resort’s Hotel Shops and a one-time 20% discount off apparel purchased at NBB’s Authentic Shop.
  • 15% off spa treatments at White Elephant.


The marina has scooped various accolades over the years thanks to Nantucket Boat Basin’s comprehensive services that uphold the outstanding quality of its mother company, NIR. NBB was named Marina Dock Age’s Best Small Marina in the U.S.

It was also awarded the runners-up in’s 2015 edition of the Boater’s Choice World Wide awards. Additionally, the marina has been named in’s list of select marinas for an impressive six years running in two categories. These are:

  • Boater’s Choice U.S. 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Elite Fleet 2020, 2021, 2022.

Other accolades include:

  • MarinaLife Best Transient Marina 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014.
  • Power & Motoryacht Top 25 Marinas in North America 2014.
  • SailingToday Best Overseas Marina 2017.
  • MarinaLife Top Marina 2018, 2019.