Nantucket Coffee Roasters

June 18, 2023

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Nantucket Coffee Roasters is among the leading coffee roasters in Nantucket. The locally-owned business is run by its founder, Wesley Van Cott, and has been in operation for 30 years. It is a small-sized wholesaler featuring an extensive selection of coffee beans in its mid-island stop-and-shop kiosk.

Roasting & Packaging

Nantucket Coffee Roaster has maintained a simple yet delicate brewing process since its inception. Its entire range of coffee is hand-made by an expert Roast Master.

The roasted coffee can be ground as Whole Bean or using Espresso, French Press, or Auto Drip options. It is available in regular and decaf options in elegantly branded 12 oz coffee bags.

Coffee Varietals & Pricing

Wes V. sources premium coffee whole beans from small farms worldwide and roasts them on the island to ensure the freshest taste in its coffees.

The coffee varietals on Nantucket Coffee Roasters’ shelves include African, South America, and Asia Pacific beans, with blended and decaf options.

African Coffee

  • Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Guji – $13.95.
  •  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – $13.95.

Latin American Coffee

  • Honduras SHG – $13.95.
  •  Colombian Excelso EP – $13.95.
  • Guatemalan Huehuetenango E/P – $13.95.

Asia Pacific Coffee

  • Sumatra Takengon GR1 DP – $13.95.


  • French Roast EP – $13.95.
  • Café Blend – $12.95.
  • Espresso Blend – $12.95.
  • Sconset Blend – $12.95.
  • Leo’s Blend – $12.95
  • Moka Java Style – $12.95.


  • Espresso Decaf Water Processed – $13.95.
  • Colombian Water Process Decaf – $13.95.
  •  Altura Natural Decaf – $12.95.

The roaster also stocks regular limited edition coffee varietals outside its everyday catalog, from Hawaii Ka’u, Ethiopian Gesha, Yemen Mocca Burrai, and more.


Nantucket Coffee Roasters sells coffee wares that comprise diner mugs and home coffeemakers. Its branded limited-edition ceramic diner mugs weigh 9 oz per mug and cost $12.95.

It features Classic Series Coffeemakers from Chemex going for $43.95 a unit. They comprise a glass decanter and drip filter with a selected gold highlight center wood collar and tie consistent with the roaster’s theme color.


NCR runs an innovative promotion program with various offerings. The promotions are regularly updated on the roaster’s social media platforms. It features regular discount promotions, especially during holidays, where customers can get a quarter-off regular retail prices.

In addition, Nantucket Coffee Roasters features a “Coffee of the Week” promotion at its mid-island kiosk. Customers can sample free sips or pay $3, $4, or $5 for small, medium, or large cups. This allows them to taste different coffees in the roaster’s catalog at little to no cost.

Moreover, there are holiday promotions where they give away  coffee bags, gift cards, mugs, and hats, among other items.

Nantucket Coffee Roasters Online & Shipping

The roaster runs an online website with a simple layout accessible from anywhere across the globe. It comes in handy for residents and visitors planning a visit and want to see the roaster’s catalog before hand.

The website also has a direct sign-up and account registration process. This makes it easier for customers to shop online and subscribe to regular email newsletters.

The Nantucket Coffee Roasters online store features all of their products with updated pricing. Customers can order online or via phone and pay via credit card. Delivery is done curbside or by priority mail shipping, whereby the roaster promises safe and secure packing and shipping by its staff.