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Best Nantucket Dog Walking Trails
March 12, 2023
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Taking your dog for a walk can sometimes be tedious, especially when following the same daily routine. So, what if you are tired of taking the same trails every day? Well, Nantucket has some of the most beautiful dog-walking trails.

There are over 12,000 acres to explore, where you and your dog can enjoy trekking along unique trails as you admire nature. You can also get some exercise while going on these long, calming walks.

Below are some of the best dog walking trails in Nantucket. These trails give you everything from long courses that help you get some exercise to beautiful, breathtaking views. Walking on these trails will open you up to parts of Nantucket that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Tupancy Links

The trail gives you both beautiful and magnificent views. It has an easy-to-follow path that is about 1.5 miles wide. Taking your furry friend on a walk on this trail gives you a chance to see and appreciate the island’s north shore.

The trail is an old 9-hole golf course, and there are still some green outlines and tee boxes. These features add to the general atmosphere, making the walk feel like a path down memory lane that you will enjoy.

Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture

The Sanford Farm property is part of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation properties and one of the most popular ones. The trail is pretty versatile, with a 6-mile lane that goes to the island’s southern shoreline. It also has a short 1.7-mile loop for those busy days when you don’t feel like taking a long walk.

The trail’s versatility doesn’t end there. There is a long 3.1-mile trek for the days you want to spend a little more time getting some exercise. As you walk, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful views of the historic barn, Hummock Pond, and an undeveloped beach.

Stump Pond/Windswept Cranberry Bog

It is hard to get the exact distance for this trail, but that doesn’t make it less impressive. You can take your dog on a walk around one of the bogs if you only have a few minutes to spare.

When you have more time, you can conquer the larger loop around the bogs and Stump Pond. This will take you at least an hour and a half, but it’s worth it.

The property also doesn’t skimp out on the views; you can see ponds, meadows, marshes, and forests along the trail. You can also say you walked on the unique organically-certified cranberry bogs.

Moreover, Stump Pond gives you beautiful views of Sankaty, tupelo, and sassafras, to spice up your walk.

Long Pond Loop

This is one of the fewer used trails, perfect for appreciating the quiet and taking in nature. It is close to most houses in Madaket, so people around the area can take long walks there.

You can see graceful swans swimming in the Long Pond, along with other breathtaking views along the pond.

Walking on this trail is quite peaceful and relaxing, especially on those stressful days. It is the perfect breath of fresh air after a super busy day. Not to mention that your dog will love exploring the different attractions along the way.

Squam Swamp

The swamp is another rarely-used trail that is an absolute gem. It is 1.75 miles long and is somewhere your pup will love.

The area is wet, enclosed, and much denser than other open trails, which adds to its charm. It has thousands of beautiful bogs and green ferns that bring a much-desired change to the normal ocean views.

However, because the area is denser, you must avoid getting lost. Keep track of where you are by paying attention to the numbered posts along the road.

‘Sconset Bluff Walk

If you are adventurous, the Bluff Walk is the best place for you. It is not as easy to find as most other trails, but walking on it is worth it.

The Front Street road near ‘Sconset Market takes you to the bluff overlooking the beach. You will see some of the most beautiful waterfront homes to your left.

The trail takes you through people’s backyards, so you might want to keep your dog leashed to avoid them wandering off into people’s houses.

Due to erosion, the path abruptly stops, making it shorter than some other trails. However, the perfectly manicured lawns provide views that make it worth the trek.

Gardner Farm

Walking on this trail brings you close to 167 Market, where you can buy some of the best fish in town. It also takes you near the Cisco Brewery.

This trail is more beneficial for you than your dog as it allows you to do some spontaneous shopping. Get your pup a fish treat, and all is forgiven.

The trail has beautiful features, such as open meadows and thick forests. It also has an Instagram-worthy footbridge that you can take pictures on. You can also do a little pond fishing and see Osprey nesting in the warmer months. It is truly one of the best trails you can walk your dog on.


Who says taking your dog for a walk has to be dull and repetitive? Take a walk on these beautiful dog walking trails and enjoy better views than anywhere else. The trails feature long and short distances you can cover, depending on how you feel.

Switch it up and take different trails once in a while to enjoy more of these Nantucket dog walking trails. Your little furry friend will thank you, and the peace and serenity you will get from the walks will make your day better.