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The Best Stores and Places to Buy Nantucket Gifts
September 19, 2022
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If you are looking to buy souvenirs and gifts from Nantucket, then you are in luck because there is a wide variety of excellent in-store and online options available.

Here are our top recommendations for buying Nantucket gifts for your friends, family, and yourself.

It’s a Shore Thing is located in Downtown Nantucket a few minutes from the Ferry Terminal. It is the place to go when shopping for a Nantucket-inspired gift or souvenir. You can choose from the various items offered, many of which are hand-made by local artisans. Check the online shop, the Facebook page, or visit the store at 12 Straight Wharf.

The Hub of Nantucket is another top pick when it comes to buying souvenirs and gifts on the island of Nantucket. You can visit the store at 31 Main Street, shop online, or check the Facebook page. There is a wide variety of products sold, many of which are made by local artisans and are Nantucket-inspired.

Another store that offers a great selection of Nantucket-themed souvenirs, art pieces, and gifts, including some unique Nantucket Limoges pillboxes, is Andersons. Check their online store and their Facebook and Instagram to browse through the various items being offered.

The Toujours Midi Nantucket (formerly known as Le Cherche Midi) is located at 30 Main Street. The shop is a hidden gem where you can find some beautiful home décor items, tabletop and entertaining items, jewelry, and other traditional and contemporary accessories.

You can buy cosmetics, personal accessories, Nantucket-themed souvenirs, and gifts.

Check out their exclusive selection and order online on their official website.

The Sunken Ship is a Nantucket store established back in 1975. It is the go-to store if you are shopping for Nantucket-themed apparel, hats, and other gifts which will remind you of the island.

You can shop online here or visit the store, which is located on 12 Broad Street.

The Sunken Ship is also a scuba diving hub. It is the place to go to get lessons, diving equipment, tank fills, and other diving-related products and services. Check them out on Facebook too.

You can buy some lovely clothes and gifts from Stephanie’s, located at 42 Main Street. Stephanie and her staff are very friendly and helpful and will assist you in finding the perfect Nantucket gift every time. You can check out the online store here or on Facebook.

Although ACK GIFT BAGS  specializes in providing the perfect welcome bags for the local hotel and other hospitality establishment owners, you can still buy a Nantucket-themed gift bag as a souvenir or order wedding gift bags from them. Check their website and Facebook page for more information.

JACK is a small-sized store located on 1 Candle St. in Nantucket. You can find all types of unique souvenirs to take back with you from the island. There are also various jewelry pieces to buy as a gift, as well as polished stones and some unique handcrafted leather bags. Check out Jack’s Facebook page for more information.

The Island Variety is another souvenir shop where you can buy different mementos from your vacation in Nantucket. This popular toy and gift store is at 59 Old South Road. You can check out their product list online at the store’s official website or on Facebook.

The Blue Beetle is a charming boutique located on 12 Main Street. There you can shop for elegant and fun clothing and accessories inspired by island living, as well as some unique Nantucket-themed silver bracelet charms and other jewelry and gifts. Check out their monogrammed jewelry, cashmere apparel, and Nantucket charms on the official website Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

For a truly unique gift from Nantucket, make sure you check out the work of local craftsman Michael Kane. He specializes in making unique woven baskets and jewelry and other items from rattan and wood and with some beautiful added natural decorations. He inherited the trade from his grandparents and has been making these gorgeous baskets and other items for more than 50 years.

You can visit the official website of Michael Kane Nantucket Lightship Baskets or make an appointment with the artist to visit the store at 38 Vestal Street.

Another place to visit if you want to buy a hand-woven Nantucket basket is the store of artisans Bill and Judy Sayle, located at 112 Washington Street.

When shopping for children, don’t forget to buy one or more of the Barnaby Bear adventure books for children by Wendy Touillard. She is an author who lives, works, and is raising two daughters on the island at the Barnaby bear website.

Unique hand-made jewelry each piece is signed by the owner of the Jewel in the Sea store owners Kate Sullivan and her sister Megan Pearson. Check out their official Instagram and Facebook pages. The store is at 6 Straight Wharf.

At Erica Wilson, you can choose from a wide variety of gift options and items, including some exclusive apparel by the designer. Check them out at the website, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Bill Fisher Tackle at 127 Orange Street is where you can buy all kinds of rods, apparel and also get local fishing and lure advice. You can also take advantage of the weekly fishing reports they have issued for the past ten years. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Nantucket Historical Association Museum shop where you can buy some unique locally inspired and made souvenirs, jewelry, needlecrafts, nautical gifts, stationery, reproduction scrimshaw, and more. Online and at the Whaling Museum.

Buy prints of some of the most stunning photos from Nantucket made by fine art photographers Rebecca and Jonathan Gray at ACK and Beyond.

Gift and Box Nantucket is a wonderful boutique for gifts and souvenirs. You can choose among hundreds of different items, most of which are hand-made by local and other artisans. You can pop in the store at 5 Washington St. or order your selected gifts online via the website or on Facebook and Instagram.

Shop for some hand-made soaps and candles which will remind you of Nantucket at Drift Away Soap. You will get free personal delivery anywhere on the island.

At the Nantucket Surf Club, located at 21 S. Water Street, you can choose from a wide variety of Nantucket-themed hats, jewelry, apparel, stickers, and other gifts. You can also buy or rent surf and paddleboards.

ACK4170 is located at 18 Federal Street and is open for in-store purchases throughout the season. During the rest of the time, you can order some beautiful gifts, such as a Nantucket map clam shell dish online at

The Milly & Grace shop is covered with ivy and is absolutely worth the visit. You can buy natural beauty products, jewelry, clothing, “shelfies,” and other gifts. Check them on-site at 2 Washington Street, on their website, or Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

You can visit the Dan LeMaitre Gallery at 26 Easy St. or choose one of the amazing prints online at the official website.

The cutest and best-looking custom embroidered nautical style clothing for children and adults at Piping Prints. When you order online, you will receive free delivery throughout the island. You can also check out the products offered at a wide selection of shops in Nantucket.

You can visit the Nell Van Vorst Tile and Porcelain gallery and shop at 15 Folger Avenue, or check the stunning hand-made creations by the artist at the official website here. Many of the items are nautical-themed and inspired by the island of Nantucket and make great souvenirs.

Order Nantucket Map Glasses or a vintage Nantucket Heart Sign on Etsy to give as gifts or as a present to yourself.

Buy one-of-a-kind handcrafted whale carving pieces by local artisan Sunny Wood at Nantucket Whales. You can browse through the available options and order your favorite here.

At Cartolina Nantucket Centre Pointe, there is a gift for every taste and budget. You can browse through the huge variety of items available online at the official website here or on Instagram. You can also visit the store at 28 Centre St.

Take a look at the portfolio and works offered by another fantastic local photographer Lauren Marttila on her website, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

Buy beautiful hand-woven blankets, artwork, and other décor items, candles, soaps, and lotions at Nantucket Looms. You can also check out the hand-made products on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The company’s headquarters is located at 51 Main Street, where you can find the showroom, an interior design studio, and an on-site weaving studio.