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The 5 Best Nantucket Golf Courses
August 26, 2022
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Even though Nantucket is best known for its endless beaches and charming villages and resorts, this island is also a top-preferred destination for golf enthusiasts and pros too.

The small island is home to a total of four golf courses. Two of them are public, and the others are private.

All of them are located close to the ocean, have link-styled holes, and offer a stunning view as well as an unforgettable golfing experience. Some golfers find the Nantucket golf courses quite similar to the famous greens located in Scotland.

At the same time, due to the pointy seaside grass and the ocean breeze, which is pretty unpredictable, these golf courses can be challenging and offer an intriguing game even to the most experienced local golfers.

The fact is that all four golf courses on the island are among the best in the entire region of New England.

No wonder that the 40th US Mid-Amateur Championship organized by the USGA took place on two of the Nantucket golf courses – Sankaty Head Golf Club and Miacomet Golf Course.

Among them, there are members-only clubs and more laid-back ones open for all lovers of the game. All of them are year-round courses.

So, whether you are going on vacation to Nantucket or looking for an Atlantic golfing paradise, pack your golf clubs and read on for more information about the Nantucket golf courses.

Miacomet Golf Course

The Miacomet Golf Course is the only public 18-hole golf course on the island.

Spreading over 400 acres of land on the southern shore of Nantucket, originally called Miacomet by the native Wampanoag tribes, this golf course was purchased in 1956 for a pasture for cows.

Fortunately, the owner of the land, Ralph Marble, transformed the land into a golf course in 1963. In the 1980s, the owner sold the land and the course to the local Nantucket island bank.

In 2003, the bank expanded the course into an 18-hole facility.  And in 2007 the entire course was completely renovated and became among the best in the region.

The year-round course has four tee options, practice facilities, a driving range, putting greens, carts, and a pro shop, and is perfect for professionals and for newbie golfers alike.

Apart from the scenic views, you can enjoy eating lunch and dinner at the restaurant on the grounds, which is considered one of the best on the island. There are also beverage carts with available drinks and snacks for the visitors. Follow the restaurant on Instagram for more info on the menu and some stunning photos of the site. Reservations are required.

In 2021, the course was one of the two greens which hosted the US Mid-Am Championship, which was hugely successful.

You can book a tee time online now at the official site of the course.

You can check out the Miacomet Golf Course official Facebook page for more current information here.

Contact the course directly at [email protected] or by calling: 508-325-0333.

Sconset Golf Course

The Sconset Golf Course is the other public golf course on the island of Nantucket.

The Nantucket Land Bank purchased it in 2012. Until then, it was part of the Bloomingdale Farm, which became a clubhouse and an 18-hole golf course back in 1899. This makes it the third oldest public golf course in the country. It is among the easternmost courses in the USA as well.

Initially designed by Alex Findlay and John Grout, both the clubhouse and the course have been upgraded but without erasing the charming traditional style.

Today it is reduced to a 9-hole course.

Robert “Skinner” Coffin was one of the long-time superintendents and co-owners of the course.  He is the reason why it is often referred to as “Skinner’s Golf Course.” Plus, it is where the Skinner Open was held from 1977 to 2010

The prices start from $50 for adults and $25 for kids for 9 holes, $70 for 18 holes, and you can rent clubs for $25 and a walking trolley for $7 at this unique golf course.

The course is usually open for the season from the end of May. You can plan ahead and make reservations for tee times for the next 7 days here.

You can check the official Facebook page of the Sconset Golf Course for further information and details here or contact them directly via email at [email protected] or phone: +1 508 257 6596.

Sankaty Head Golf Club

The private Sankaty Head Golf Club co-hosted the USGA US Mid-Amateur Championship along with Miacomet Golf Course this year.

This private golf club was established in 1923 and comes with tennis facilities and beach facilities, so the entire family can enjoy their time when visiting.

It is an 18-hole course and one of the most exclusive clubs in Nantucket.

Its members support the last Caddy Camp in the USA through their Sankaty Head Foundation. The Caddy Camp provides scholarships and recreational activities to young people in need throughout the country. Some of the more famous members of the club include Larry Bossidy, Jack Welch, and Bill Belichick. The total number of members is 550 people.

The course is designed by Emerson Armstrong and has angulated greens combined with more traditional lynx-style holes. The front nine are close to the Atlantic shore, and the rest include wide-open tee shots, greenside bunkers, and beach grass.

The players can enjoy the stunning views from all parts of the course, including the nearby coastal cliffs and the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

You can contact the Sankaty Head Golf Club online here or by calling (508) 257 6391.

Nantucket Golf Club

The Nantucket Golf Club is an exclusive 18-hole members-only golf course, which takes pride in its traditional style atmosphere and the lynx-style holes. It has professional caddies and has restrictions for golf cart use, and requires wearing proper golf attire by both the staff and the members.

It is a course that is praised for its professionally groomed fairways and bunkered greens, and golfers are inspired by the club’s daunting holes. The course was designed by Rees Jones and also includes an exclusive restaurant, a clubhouse, and a practice facility.

You will need to receive an invite by a member of the club to be able to enjoy golfing at the Nantucket Golf Club. Or you can become a member, but keep in mind that the fees are among the highest in the country and around the world.

Tupancy Links

While Tupancy Links is no longer a golf course, it is still a well-known spot for golfing in Nantucket.

Located on a picturesque 73-acre land, today Tupancy is owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation.

The original owner Oswald Tupancy, who was an avid golfer, established the golf course in 1921. It was initially a 9-hole course, which was expanded to an 18-hole one in 1926.

In 1953 Mr. Tupancy closed the course and decided to donate it to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation.

The older islanders still refer to Tupancy links as one of the two original golf courses alongside Sconset “Skinners” Golf Course.

If you are considering playing golf when in Nantucket, you can rent golf clubs at the chosen golf course or use a shipping service such as ShipSticks to do it quickly and efficiently.